Fun and Spicy Date Night Blindfold Games for Couples

Apr 8, 2022

Try these ten fun blindfold games for couples for an exciting and spicy date night! These games include surprises for your partner, sensual activities, new ways to explore each other, and more.

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11 Blindfold party games for adults

Pin the Tail on the Donkey:

A classic game where blindfolded participants try to pin a "tail" onto a picture of a donkey.

Musical Chairs:

A twist on musical chairs where participants are blindfolded and must find a chair when the music stops.

Guess the Object:

Blindfolded participants must identify objects by touch alone.Blindfold party games for adults

Taste Test:

Participants are blindfolded and must identify different foods or drinks by taste alone.

Obstacle Course:

Set up an obstacle course and have blindfolded participants navigate through it.

Makeup Challenge:

Participants apply makeup to a partner while blindfolded.Blindfolded party games for adults fun OpenMity

Blindfolded Limbo:

Participants must do the limbo while blindfolded.

Blindfolded Pictionary:

Participants draw pictures while blindfolded, and teammates must guess what they are drawing.


Participants act out words or phrases while blindfolded, and teammates must guess what they are acting out.

Egg and Spoon Race:

Participants must carry an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line while blindfolded.

Clothing Swap:

Participants swap an item of clothing with someone else while blindfolded.

Remember to consider the safety of the participants and ensure the playing area is free of hazards when organizing blindfolded games.

Blindfold games for couples: both partners blindfolded

Fun blinfold games for couples in bedroom spicy

Blindfolded kiss challenge

Both partners put on a blindfold, spin around five to ten times, and then try to kiss each other. If you want a good laugh afterwards, try filming this challenge! Be extra careful not to fall on anything dangerous nearby (including each other’s laps 😉).

This is one of the activity in the Fun-Touch-Tic card game for couples.

blindfold games for couples blindfolded kiss challenge

Blindfolded slow dance

This one is sweet and simple—dance together while blindfolded. We recommend choosing a slow dance so you can really take your time and feel each other’s presence, breath, and your bodies moving together.

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Sensual and spicy blindfold games for couples

Find it and lick it

Lie down wearing only your underwear or completely naked (whichever you prefer), drizzle some melted chocolate on your body and let your blindfolded partner find it—but they’re only allowed to use their mouth.

Blindfolded teasing:

Your partner has the pleasure of blindfolding you and teasing you however he/she wants. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Gently nibble on their earlobes
  • Kiss every inch of their neck
  • Whisper naughty words into their ear
  • Caress their body with a light massage

Blindfolded tickling

As you lie facing down, your partner blindfolds you and teasingly tickles you with a soft material of their choice (like a silk scarf, tights, or women’s underwear). Your partner will follow the material as it glides across your skin with kisses over your back, butt, and anywhere else they desire.

Blindfolded massage

Your partner gives you a massage on your inner thighs, followed by passionate kisses around your erogenous zone for one minute while you are both blindfolded.

Hot and cold sensual feelings

Put the blindfold on your partner and surprise him/her with exciting and sensual feelings all over their body—these sensations will feel both hot and cold to the touch. Prepare some ice cubes and warm (but not too warm—we don’t want to burn the skin) massage oil or a massage oil candle. Give your partner fair warning of what’s coming. Try kissing your partner with the ice cube in your mouth and then slowly move it along their body. Mix in some warm massage candle touches to really intensify the sensation. Enjoy!

One of my favorite - Ice cube card from the Love Battleship game for couples.

Ice cube playing card in Love Battleship game

There’s more to play than just fun blindfold games for couples!

  • Surprise each other with 52 fun and amazing dates with OpenMity’s Date Night Game.
  • Each of you will receive a folder with 26 dates to organize, so you will both also experience 26 surprise dates.
  • Bring back dating one another again and enjoy your time together!

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Fun blindfold games for couples: one partner blindfolded

Guess the food

Start with one partner blindfolded while the other feeds him/her bite-sized pieces of fruit, their favorite sweets, something spicy, or something new. The blindfolded partner needs to guess what food they are being fed, so no peaking! Extra points if you sneak in some light and playful finger sucking during this game. You can even try feeding each other while you’re both blindfolded.

This will intensify your experience by allowing you to focus on taste, feeling, and of course, enjoying every moment of being fed.

Blindfold games for couples

Guess my body part

Blindfold your partner and have him/her lie down. Put four different body parts against their lips (such as your nose, nipples, finger, or whichever part of your body feels right in the moment) and have them guess what body part it is.

Small town getaway surprise

Now it’s time to sweep your partner off their feet and surprise them by taking them somewhere new! Whisk your partner away to a small town you haven’t been to before, but do some research first so you can be their official tour guide. Reserve a table at a restaurant with rave reviews—just don’t remove their blindfold until you arrive at the destination so it’s a real surprise.

Blindfold games for couples small town getaway surprise










For a sensual and spicy date night play the Love Battleship game or Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom game. They’re perfect for weekend getaways and the perfect addition to blindfold games for couples.


Bedroom game for couples




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