How would does the packaging look upon delivery?

All our products come in discreet packaging – just the plain cardboard box.

What if the product is damaged during the transportation?

Contact us within 30 days of receiving the product, include the photos of the product and we will send you the replacement at no cost to you right away.

What’s the shipping price?

We are offering flat standard shipping worldwide:

  •  USD 2,50 for games and massage candles, gift boxes
  •  USD 7,70 for wooden boxes

How much time does it take from ordering the product to receiving it?

It depends by product and country, but on average it takes 5-10 business days. Please find the full shipping information in our homepage for detailed processing and delivery times.

  • USA, Canada - 3 to 5 business days
  • Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Austria - 3 to 5 business days
  • Rest of the EU - 3 to 7 business days
  • Rest of the world - 8 to 15 business days

How do I know which game would be perfect for me?

Contact me (aggie@openmity.com), I would be glad to help you with the advice. All of our games I have made with my husband, and we have put a lot of effort and our hearts inside the games. For quick decision making: the romantic one is Love Battleship. The most extensive one: Box of Burning Desires. Our printable games for couples are an easy win for a special date night with your partner as you get the PDF files instantly.

Do you have also some free games?

Yes, we have made free PDF files which would be also a nice way of spending some romantic and special moments together:
- Free conversation questions for couples PFD cards
- Free romantic and naughty love coupons