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    Romantic and spicy card games couples can play to get to know each other better. Romantic, spicy, and naughty dating card games for couples. 

      25 products

      Card games for couples

      Card games for couples allow you to escape the routine and daily worries to have fun or to strengthen your relationship. Such romantic card games are an exciting way for couples to spend an evening together and get to know each other better. Do you know your partner's desires and preferences? If not, try our couple games with varying cards: romantic, funny, or even kinky. We’re sure that both you and your partner will love it! Choose among the wide range of our romantic bedroom card games and place your order. All OpenMityRomance card games for couples are simple, with clear rules that will take just a few minutes to learn, after which you can start playing.

      OpenMity bedroom card games – a little twist to your relationship

      When two people fall in love with each other, they build their own world according to the rules and preferences that are known only to them. By getting to know each other, they explore an amazing and previously undiscovered new world, which is enclosed in another person. Romantic games can help with these new discoveries. Purchase our well-thought-out bedroom games for couples to explore your partner and add fuel to the fire, if needed.

      Romantic games for couples – which one to choose?

      There is no doubt that card games are one of the most common ways to entertain yourself. They are fun, easy to play, and often are a number one choice for parties. There are countless card games for groups of people, but how about card games for couples? Romantic card games for couples are also full of variety. You can choose such games as:

      • - conversation cards for couples for meaningful conversions and discovery of new topics,
      • - bedroom card games for passionate couples who want to discover more about each other or keep their passion alive,
      • - action games for couples to strengthen their relationship and try new things.

      If you want to diversify your evenings and stay at home with an interesting game, a card game for couples might be the right choice for you. Arrange a surprise for your partner or simply have an enjoyable time with romantic games from OpenMityRomance. Ask each other questions, come up with tasks, have fun and find pleasure. We’ll help you to find the right card game for your occasion and purpose.

      Purpose #1: Date night

      Seeking new ideas for a cozy date night? Try our dating card game for couples Box of Meaningful Conversations, which contains deep, funny, and lovely questions about you and your partner. These conversation cards for couples include topics on values and beliefs, personality, self-awareness, and, of course, love. Want to spice up the mood a bit? Choose romantic bedroom games for couples such as the Love Matching Game or our Game for Female Couples that will be perfect for your date night or its pleasant ending. They can be played multiple times too, so you can experience fun and pleasure for more than just one evening!

      Purpose #2: Gifts

      It’s not always easy to come up with gift ideas for your partner or for other couples in your group of friends. We can’t imagine anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and many other celebrations without gifts for loved ones. Our card games for couples can become the most creative and unforgettable gift you can give to your partner or your friends. Check out our anniversary boxes for couples with a romantic game and some steamy attributes for passionate couples or the card game Because Love Should Be an Action. This game combines several important aspects of relationships, such as communication, date ideas, growth goals and even more. Let actions speak louder than words – order couple games with cards from OpenMityRomance to surprise your significant other on a meaningful day!

      Purpose #3: Something to remember

      It doesn’t matter if you just started dating or have been married for 20 years, one of the most important things in a relationship is memories. They can be all the big moments of your life or just little things that you experience every day. A night of romantic card games can be a fun way to create such memories. Try our Box of Burning Desires which is one of the most extensive romantic games and enjoy new thrilling sensations! This card game includes spicy and romantic questions (perfect for those who love couple talking games), as well as ideas and attributes to set the mood and build anticipation (fantasy scenarios are included).

      If you are looking for funny, exciting, and romantic games for couples, choose card games from OpenMityRomance to spend quality time together!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a card game for couples?

      A card game for couples is a game for adults where you must use cards as the primary device to play the game with. Usually, couple games cards are made for strengthening relationships, but they can be played just for fun too. The most popular card games for couples are couple talking games, kinky card games and action card games for couples.

      What are the questions in card games for couples?

      Usually, dating card game questions are made as a conversation starter to open about topics you are too busy or too shy to ask. The questions can be about you, your partner, your relationship, and your desires. Very often dating card game questions are a bit naughty to spice up the relationship.

      What are the most popular card games for couples?

      Our most demanded and most reviewed card games for couples are the Love Battleship game which is based on classic battleship game rules, Game for Female Couples and Anniversary box for couples, which contains a romantic game and some additional attributes such as a blindfold and a feather tickler.

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