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Box of Meaningful Conversations for couples

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The Box of Meaningful conversation starters for couples, covering 130 deep, funny, lovely questions for you and your significant other. The game was made in collaboration with a couple’s therapist.

Game content:

  • 130 question cards
  • Goal-setting checklist and pen
  • Four transparent Capture the Moment cards

      The Goal-Setting Checklist

      It’s possible you’ll want to write some things down, so we have included a small Goal-Setting Checklist for your notes. Jot down reminders, comments, things to work on—anything and everything.

      Collect memories

      Alongside the questions, you’ll find four transparent Capture the Moment cards that express the essence of love. Choose the one you feel best describes your relationship, snap a photo, and save the memories.
      Game opens the door to new topics

      Game opens the door to new topics

      It’s a GREAT traveling companion, it opens the door to new topics and things you probably wouldn’t usually talk about. This can remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. 


      * 130 question cards in four different categories: 

      • personality & self-awareness 

      • love & int*macy

      • values & beliefs

      • past, future & fun

       *The goal-setting checklist and a pen for following through on your goals 

      * Four transparent Capture the Moment cards for collecting and memorizing your happy moments together

      Collect memories

      Collect memories

      Alongside the questions, you’ll find four transparent Capture the Moment cards that express the essence of love. Choose the one you feel best describes your relationship, snap a photo, and save the memories. 


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      Make your date night even more romantic and special!

      Clear your mind, relax and most importantly enjoy some quality time together!

      Who we are - OpenMity couple

      Hello, it’s me (Aggie) and my husband (Charles), and yes, we are kind of regular couple with two small kids. We are for Loving couples who want to learn and grow together while keeping their passion alive! We want every couples’ bonds to become stronger, so that every topic is OPEN for couples to discuss and NOT to be ashamed any way. Not only does this create learning opportunities, but it promotes a feeling of mutual trust.

      Our story
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      Tips for hot sensual massage

      We could even call the massage candle ‘Candle with Benefits’ – instead of melting down into wax, it becomes oil. This oil will hydrate and condition your skin, whilst making your home smell gorgeous and put you both in a romantic mood. The inside of the box is full of tips and tricks on how to make a massage even more sensual.

      Massage Ritual Set

      Box of Meaningful Conversations for couples


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Cassandra Strand
      Easy to use, good variety of questions

      I did not get this set with the intention of using it with my spouse or enhancing our relationship. I actually got this because I'm trying to work on my own personal communication skills. I'm an extreme introvert and I often find myself drawing complete blanks when it comes to conversing with others. I hate small talk, I don't know what to ask, definitely don't know how to steer conversations towards more interesting discussions, and have a difficult time answering questions about myself. I decided during COVID isolation I would attempt to work on my charisma so that when my husband inevitably made me socialize with other people again, maybe, just maybe, I might not be a total failure at conversing.

      While this set is geared towards couples 3/4 of the set could essentially be used with anybody, including friends, family, and co-workers. The questions asked in most of the categories are general questions some of which ask more superficial questions while others prompt deeper discussions. If you compare to the 5 levels of intimacy the majority of the cards fall in categories 2-4. There are a small number of questions that fall in categories 1 or 5. The only questions that would generally be inappropriate for general audiences are the ones in the "Love and Intimacy" deck. Some of the questions are quite personal and very intimate. Some may even feel embarrassed discussing them with their significant other.

      The set comes in a box with a pen, a goal-setting card sheet, 4 decks, and some clear plastic sheets with designs that you can use like a photo filter for selfies. I found the plastic selfie sheets useless, but if you like selfies and taking pictures you may enjoy them. I didn't use them at all so I can't comment on how well they work. The goal-setting sheet is used in conjunction with certain cards from the deck. There are some cards with prompts on them that ask you to use the conversation to fill out part of the goal sheet. The box holds the 4 decks in separate compartments which are angled into the box. I find the back rows difficult to take out even when the front row has been removed. I'm not a fan of the way the box holds the cards at all. The cards themselves are a nice quality of paper and printed well. The cards are easy to read and easy to use.

      One thing this set has, that most do not, is an easy way to track which ones you've already used. The upper left corner of each card is perforated and can be easily ripped off showing that you've used the card already and ensuring you move onto a new topic each time. Paired with the goal-setting sheet this can really give you a sense of having worked through and improved your relationship and built on something for the future.

      This could make a nice gift for newlyweds. It could also be a helpful tool for working on a struggling marriage that suffered from a lack of intimacy and communication (if the couple actually committed to working on their relationship and using these cards. You could also use them like me to practice asking yourself questions and then answering them to help as a conversation prep.

      ,Psychic Cypher
      We love this set

      We have been working through these questions and find them to be thought provoking and helpful. Great for couples that just want to increase intimacy and knowledge of each other. Highly recommended.

      Fun game which delivers on its promise of the game title

      I got this as a first anniversary gift for my husband and I. I was a little worried about how it would go, that maybe it would be fluffy and corny. Im pleased to say that the questions are very good and we enjoy playing so much that we play almost daily over a 5 pm cocktail! I highly recommend it to anyone that really enjoys talking deeply with their partner.

      This is the greatest thing you can get for yourself!

      Being an introvert married to an introvert - this is a great product,
      Even if you have good relationships with your spouse and do not have dull moments - this thing is a wonderful conversation opener and gets you more engaged with your spouse on levels you might not have always expect,
      We made a habit for ourselves every evening before we go to sleep to simply pick a card each and talk about it and it feels like we got a new friend in the family

      The Girl Utah
      ALL newlywed needs.. Ive included ALL details below!!

      A total must for those wanting to invest and get more from their marriage in a healthy way.. this review will be long winded but, bear with me-ill give you the details bc, its worth it and Ill share all!!
      As one whos been married 29yrs., my baby sis is starting into her 2nd year of marriage.. Lately, shes been having a bit of a struggle and came seeking advice- Wow! humbled, honored and out of my league to guide beyond the level of my own journey.. I went seeking ideas to offer appropriate tools that could be tailored to her situation. Lets face it- no 2 marriages are created equal! It was here I found Openity- meaningful conversations and was SO impressed. I found this helpful for any couple new to the marriage game. BUT, I could clearly see this being beneficial to any wanting a reconnect, recharge or, a relationship recalibrating.. whew, thats a lot of R words!!

      I gave this to newlyweds who found out- that movies and fairytales are the eye candy to relationships and the actual work begins when the going gets real and real tough. That moment that hits soon after the euphoria is tampered down and daily life starts piling up! Oh, and when together forever really sinks in, talk of mortgages, possibility of babies, employment up/downs, boundaries, in-laws, balancing budgets, religious quirks, etc. Ha! Toss in a pandemic (Kudos btw, to all newlyweds who have had to navigate quarantine- I applaud you all!!) Its true- so many couples spend more time, effort + detail planning their wedding that will last a few hours, thinking its a passage to Happyland! Truth is- as those of us who treaded the waters.. there is SO much more! Worth it, yes!! But, it takes work (something that secret society never told you- or else, you didnt want to hear?!)

      This tool is created by all physical standards like a game but, in reality.. it can be used however one chooses: X1 hour an evening each week, a card before bedtime ritual, dinner conversation starter- coffee chatter in the morning.. options are endless! I dont recommend playing together with other couples although, to each his own..Since, the gist is to help couples navigate and get to a deeper level- questions are designed to create openings for couples to safely be vulnerable and breach sensitive subjects.. I feel that depth and security could be lost if, played with others!

      I love the goal setting aspect as these create a way to put words into action and provide a measuring stick to see progress made- that can be motivating in itself! I love, love, love the challenges as well.. for example, one can accept to write down a few ideas theyd like to do for their partner that week (a challenge!) These are small, simple things that feel so big when received.. ie., make dinner together, tell a partner an affirmation or, memory by a simple note or song, it can be a surprise I love you text for no reason, and so on.. Not only does this give to your partner a piece of you- It helps develop positive patterns when put into action and thats a win/win for all! I love the challenge isnt difficult or $ involved either, its just being cognizant of the other persons needs. Better yet, this confirms x1 person is truly listening and the other is being heard- hallelujah..!!

      This offers a safety which is a must without a 3rd party to help guide.. The contemplation option lets one take a moment on a question and circle back at a later time. This has a turn-around option as well, letting both parties answer a same question! Im telling you, its like this covers everything in a safe and positive way.

      The creator is a therapist whos spent a career in marriage counseling and its present in the respectful creation. Neither participant should be afraid to begin.. This has safeguards to keep this a positive experience. Cards are sprinkled with ample feel good questions: ie., tell me about the day we met? What you admire most about your partner? Words to describe one another- how did you know I was the one? Even some about childhood- show me on map your hometown or dream vacation spot.. favorite childhood tradition and so on.. I call these feel goods and the world cant have enough of them- Hands down, I recommend for any warning to enrich their relationship. This would make an incredible wedding gift- it should be given with the purchase of every engagement ring.. ha!!
      I warned this was long winded but, I hope giving all details I could can you help in your decision.. feel free to let me know!