Box of Meaningful Conversations: a conversation game for couples

Box of Meaningful Conversation starter for couples
Conversation starters for couples
Deep conversation starters for couples
Relationship questions for couples - conversation starters for couples
Questions for married couples in a game - conversation starters for couples
conversation starters for couples - The Box of Meaningful Conversation Starters OpenMity
Couples bucket list for married couples
Box of Meaningful Conversations: a conversation game for couples

Box of Meaningful Conversations: a conversation game for couples

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Looking for a great conversation card game for couples? Try our Box of Meaningful Conversations, which contains conversation starters for couples cards for couples, covering 130 deep, funny, lovely questions for you and your significant other. The game was made in collaboration with a couple’s therapist.

Conversation card game for couples content:

  • 130 question cards - conversation starters for couples
  • Goal-setting checklist for couples
conversation starters for couples conversation-cards-for-couples-examples

        The Goal-Setting Checklist

        It’s possible you’ll want to write some things down, so we have included a Goal-Setting Checklist for your notes. Jot down reminders, comments, things to work on—anything and everything.

        • Newly developed or long-forgotten hobbies & skills
        • Week of compliments
        • Week of gifts
        • Quality time
        • & more 



        Collect memories


        A couple’s conversation starters game that opens the door to new topics

        This conversation game for couples is a GREAT traveling companion, as it opens the door to new topics and things you probably wouldn’t usually talk about. This can remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

        • 130 question cards in four different categories:
          • personality & self-awareness
          • love & int*macy
          • values & beliefs
          • past, future & fun
        • The goal-setting checklist for following through on your goals
        conversation starters for couples cards-for-couples-examples


          Why are conversation games for couples so important?

          Conversation games for couples, such as our Box of Meaningful Conversations are a terrific way how to spend quality time together. Sometimes we are steeped into a routine so much that it can kill the romance and weaken the bond with each other. That’s why couple conversation games can spice up your relationship and get rid of the monotony. Besides, a conversation game for couples can help you learn something new about your partner or simply be a fun activity for both of you.conversation-cards-for-married-couples

          A conversation game for couples – an ice breaker or just a fun date

          A conversation card game for couples is one of the best ways to get closer to your significant other and spend some memorable time together. These kinds of games have conversation starter cards with carefully designed questions about your relationship, feelings, personality, desires, and much more, to go through your love story, set new goals, and make you grow closer as a couple. If you are too shy or too busy, organize the date night and try the conversation card game for couples Box of Meaningful Conversations to ask the most essential questions that will help you to strengthen your relationship. The couple conversation games are perfect for:

          • Romantic date nights to spark the passion.
          • Strengthening your relationship thanks to the deep and meaningful conversations.
          • As a gift for that special someone in your life on an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other celebration. A conversation game for couples is also a perfect gift for newlyweds.
          • Fun time spent together on date nights at home, vacations, romantic getaways, or any other time when it’s just you two.

          If you want to get to know your partner’s world better, celebrate happy moments together, try new things or just have fun, our conversation game for couples Box of Meaningful Conversations can become a game-changer for your relationship.

          Make your date night even more romantic and special!
          Clear your mind, relax, and, most importantly, enjoy some quality time together!

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why do people play conversation games for couples?

          A conversation game for couples such as our Box of Meaningful Conversations, is the perfect way how to spend quality time together, get to know each other better, set goals for the future, explore new conversation topics and strengthen your relationship in general. Conversation cards for couples will remind you why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

          How to play couple conversation games?

          Couple conversation games don’t have complicated rules. Usually, such a game simply contains various conversation starters for couples. The conversation starter cards are a fantastic way for couples to ask each other meaningful questions on various important topics. The players must simply pick the cards and answer the already prepared questions.

          What are the most fun conversation games for couples?

          There are many fun conversation games for couples with conversation starter cards but one of the most popular is Box of Meaningful Conversations, which contains not only question cards, but also additional attributes, such as a goal-setting checklist for writing down couple goals.

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          Our Story

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 19 reviews
          Heather Abrahamson
          Easy way to get to really know someone

          I bought this for my sons girlfriend for Christmas. She loves it and was able to use it to ask my son different things about himself she hadn�t thought of and vice versa for him!

          Fun to do

          Very nicely put together and fun to do

          Stella Jovanovic
          The game is amazing!

          The game is amazing! It�s done so professionally; the packaging, design, everything. I would definitely recommend it??

          Cassandra Strand
          Easy to use, good variety of questions

          I did not get this set with the intention of using it with my spouse or enhancing our relationship. I actually got this because I'm trying to work on my own personal communication skills. I'm an extreme introvert and I often find myself drawing complete blanks when it comes to conversing with others. I hate small talk, I don't know what to ask, definitely don't know how to steer conversations towards more interesting discussions, and have a difficult time answering questions about myself. I decided during COVID isolation I would attempt to work on my charisma so that when my husband inevitably made me socialize with other people again, maybe, just maybe, I might not be a total failure at conversing.

          While this set is geared towards couples 3/4 of the set could essentially be used with anybody, including friends, family, and co-workers. The questions asked in most of the categories are general questions some of which ask more superficial questions while others prompt deeper discussions. If you compare to the 5 levels of intimacy the majority of the cards fall in categories 2-4. There are a small number of questions that fall in categories 1 or 5. The only questions that would generally be inappropriate for general audiences are the ones in the "Love and Intimacy" deck. Some of the questions are quite personal and very intimate. Some may even feel embarrassed discussing them with their significant other.

          The set comes in a box with a pen, a goal-setting card sheet, 4 decks, and some clear plastic sheets with designs that you can use like a photo filter for selfies. I found the plastic selfie sheets useless, but if you like selfies and taking pictures you may enjoy them. I didn't use them at all so I can't comment on how well they work. The goal-setting sheet is used in conjunction with certain cards from the deck. There are some cards with prompts on them that ask you to use the conversation to fill out part of the goal sheet. The box holds the 4 decks in separate compartments which are angled into the box. I find the back rows difficult to take out even when the front row has been removed. I'm not a fan of the way the box holds the cards at all. The cards themselves are a nice quality of paper and printed well. The cards are easy to read and easy to use.

          One thing this set has, that most do not, is an easy way to track which ones you've already used. The upper left corner of each card is perforated and can be easily ripped off showing that you've used the card already and ensuring you move onto a new topic each time. Paired with the goal-setting sheet this can really give you a sense of having worked through and improved your relationship and built on something for the future.

          This could make a nice gift for newlyweds. It could also be a helpful tool for working on a struggling marriage that suffered from a lack of intimacy and communication (if the couple actually committed to working on their relationship and using these cards. You could also use them like me to practice asking yourself questions and then answering them to help as a conversation prep.

          ,Psychic Cypher
          We love this set

          We have been working through these questions and find them to be thought provoking and helpful. Great for couples that just want to increase intimacy and knowledge of each other. Highly recommended.

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