Box of Burning Desires

Board game for couples - most extensive game for loving couples
OpenMity Box of Burning Desires
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Box of Burning Desires

Box of Burning Desires

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The Box of Burning Desires is probably one of the most extensive romantic games.

  • It opens up the topics that you’ve probably been too busy to ask or maybe even shy to ask each other. Or maybe you just haven’t found the right moment after yet. This game is a playful and fun way to open up the conversation for meaningful and spicy questions.
  • And it’s not just about the questions. This game gives you 50 playful ideas to warm each other up and set the mood. You can play out all of the activities during the game.
  • It also comes with 50 romantic and naughty ideas illustrated with lovely watercolor drawings.
  • The winner gets to play 3 of the game cards. But the loser also gets a prize – the chance to choose one of 36 prepared little fantasy scenarios.

Spicy Card game content

  • 170 romantic and spicy questions
  • 50 playful ideas to set the mood and build anticipation
  • 50 pleasure cards with watercolor illustrations
  • 36 spicy fantasy scenarios
  • 2 blindfolds
  • 1 dice
  • Game board
  • Game rules

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    Never stop showing your partner how much they mean to you! :*
    The-Box-of-Burning-Desires-game-for-couples--bedroom The-Box-of-Burning-Desires-card-game-for-couples-bedroom-OpenMityromance

    Don’t worry about creating your own fantasies or using your imagination,

    we’ve taken care of that for you.

    The most extensive adult game available

    Bedroom games are our specialty, so of course, we’re offering the most extensive adult game available. In this game just about everything is included for couples who are eager to try adult toys and to couples looking for romantic, naughty, and kinky scenarios to play out and explore.

    Game-card-examples-of-adult-game-OpenMity-romance Game-cards-examples-box-of-burning-desires-OpenMity

    A playful and fun way to

    open up the conversation for spicy questions and actions.

    Game content:

    • 170 romantic and spicy questions 
    • 50 playful ideas to set the mood and build anticipation 
    • 50 pleasure cards with watercolor illustrations 
    • 36 fantasy scenarios 
    • 2 blindfolds 
    • 1 dice 
    • Game board & game rules
    What-would-you-like-in-bed-tonight What-would-you-like-in-bed-tonight-openmity-romance

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Really fun

    Loved it. 26 years of happy marriage made better

    Siyana Yordanova

    Box of Burning Desires

    Jennifer Fowler
    Very fun game!

    Thank you! Very fun game!

    Nick Dorris
    Came in fast and is a blast to play

    Came in fast and is a blast to play

    really got us in the mood

    Great quality fun cards really got us in the mood

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