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Romantic Bedroom Game “Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom”

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Surprise your love with a romantic game in the bedroom! Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom helps you explore each other beyond your usual physical intimacy and creates an even stronger bond and connection with your partner!

After all, we want you to have the most fun in the bedroom.


What Do You Want in Bed Tonight?

When asked this question, most of the time the answer is “I don’t know.” Ahh, been there, done that (let’s promise to never use this answer again). My husband usually knows exactly what he wants in bed, but me? Most of the time I really don’t know. So I let the game guide us through the anticipation phase and lead us to some spicy bedroom time.


What Do You Like in Bed?

This romantic bedroom card game also includes 50 spicy questions—for when it’s a pillow talk kind of night.
But this isn’t your average pillow talk. With 53 spicy cards included it will build anticipation and tension with some surprise activities.

What to Get a Man Who Has Everything?

Men will always desire attention and time. Your time together, spent in close physical contact with each other, is all that matters to him. Romantic games in the bedroom are excellent gift choices for loving couples that every man is sure to enjoy.

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    Make your date night even more romantic and special!

    Clear your mind, relax and most importantly enjoy some quality time together!

    OpenMity couple owners of OpenMity romantic games for couples

    Who we are - OpenMity couple

    Hello, it’s me (Aggie) and my husband (Charles), and yes, we are kind of regular couple with two small kids. We are for Loving couples who want to learn and grow together while keeping their passion alive! We want every couples’ bonds to become stronger, so that every topic is OPEN for couples to discuss and NOT to be ashamed any way. Not only does this create learning opportunities, but it promotes a feeling of mutual trust.

    Our story

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    We could even call the massage candle ‘Candle with Benefits’ – instead of melting down into wax, it becomes oil. This oil will hydrate and condition your skin, whilst making your home smell gorgeous and put you both in a romantic mood. The inside of the box is full of tips and tricks on how to make a massage even more sensual.

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    Romantic Bedroom Game “Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom”


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