Here are 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship's Bedroom Life

1. Don’t Buy the Idea That After Two years, It's All Downhill.

There's a common misconception that, over time, romantic and sexual interest in each other naturally diminishes.

  • However, research suggests that relationships where passion wanes are often those where the couple initially believed that such a decline was inevitable.
  • In reality, what changes after a few years is typically the level of effort invested in the relationship.
  • During the initial stages, we prioritize our new relationship, nurturing it and dedicating time to it.
  • Once we feel secure, we may pay less attention and start to drift.

Nevertheless, maintaining passion and intensity is entirely possible by making a conscious decision to do so.

2. Share Your Whole Self

  • Create an atmosphere where you both feel safe discussing your needs.
  • Create a 'Want, Will, Won't' (WWW) list comprising activities you already enjoy and wish to continue, those you're curious to explore, and those you're not interested in trying. It's essential to respect your partner's 'won't' list, while also revisiting it periodically as desires and preferences may change over time.
  • When discussing the list, begin with activities you both have a mutual interest in. If you need inspiration, consider trying the 'Box of Burning Desires' game, which offers 100 diverse bedroom activities for couples.
  • Want - Desire: These are the things you are certain you enjoy and wish to continue experiencing or providing.
  • Will - Interest: This category includes things you'd like to explore further or perhaps even try for the first time.
  • Won't - Boundaries: These are activities or experiences you're not comfortable with and have no interest in trying.

3. Build Anticipation

Spend more time on building anticipation and enhance the overall experience

  • Kiss your significant other before you go to work and when you get back home. Share a kiss, engage in conversation and appreciate each other's presence
  • Naughty Texts and Notes - let your partner know they are on your mind. Send each other playful and suggestive text messages throughout the day, like: "I can’t stop sucking on lollipops today for some reason…", "I think about you a little more than I should.", "This evening, I want to show you how good it feels when I’m in control…🖤"
  • Try spicy questions, like: o What’s your favorite place to be kissed?
    o Do you prefer being on top or bottom?
    o Big spoon or little spoon?
    o Do you like it rough or sensual?
    o What's your most recent fantasy?
    o Would you like to try skinny dipping? Find 50 additional spicy questions in Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom game for couples.
  • Slow Dancing: Share an intimate slow dance together to set a romantic mood.

4. Have Fun Activities Together Outside Your Bedroom

When you engage in a fun activity such as:

  • attending a concert,
  • hiking,
  • playing tennis,
  • or cycling,

it creates an opportunity to focus on each other, fostering desire. In essence, this acts as a means of building anticipation.

Moreover, it becomes even more delightful when you arrange it as a surprise date, meticulously planning every aspect. It’s so lovely and exciting to go on surprise dates, have a thrilling time together. The 'OpenMity 52 Surprise Date Cards' will elevate your dates into truly memorable occasions

5. Plan a Romantic Getaway –and Make It a Faux Affair - With Your Partner!

Roleplay: Imagine that you're rendezvousing with a secret lover, both of you playfully suspending thoughts of your respective partners for a moment. (Let your imagination run wild!) It's worth noting that some couples may seek the thrill of infidelity in order to explore greater se*ual freedom, often driven by the allure of its forbidden nature. As you dive into the fantasy of this clandestine encounter, who knows where your imaginations might lead? The mere act of preparing for this adventure could stoke the fires of anticipation.

6. Experiment with Sensation Play

  • Set the Mood - create a sensual atmosphere with candles, soft music, and scents to enhance the mood.
  • Enhance the sensory experience by blindfolding your partner while they listen to alluring music through earphones.
  • Elevate the anticipation further by introducing various sensory objects like ice, feathers, melted wax (the massage candle with low melting point will be an excellent addition), and coconut oil. The absence of sight and sound amplifies their awareness, creating heightened anticipation for the sensations that will unfold. It's the element of surprise and mystery that adds an exhilarating dimension to the experience.

7. The Big One – Playfulness

Life is serious enough. Stressful work, annoying situations, unfortunate events. Infuse your marriage with as much fun as you can muster. Embrace playfulness, especially during intimate moments with sensual bedroom games. Remember the couple that enjoys time together, thrives together.

Games are a neat way how to bring you closer together.

However, the classic board games won't be good enough, especially for something romantic…

The classic board games are not really made for romantic evenings and date nights

They get boring too soon and don't feel special

They do not embrace playfulness during intimate moments

But how to come up with a playful activity that would embrace playfulness during romantic evenings and intimate moments?

Meet OpenMity The Box of Burning Desires – a game that's specifically designed for that!

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