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Date Night Cards

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Surprise each other with thoughtful dates by playing the most intriguing card game yet.

Add Romance and Surprises to Your Relationships with Date Night Cards

What’s the best part about these date night cards? All the dates will be just as surprising for your partner as they are for you. And who doesn’t love surprises?
You each will have a folder with 26 date ideas. Your partner will not know what is on your date cards, so you each will have 26 surprises

52 Exciting, Fun, and Romantic Dates:

Date night cards for couples are divided into 4 categories:

  • Let’s go outside
  • Let’s stay at home
  • Let’s explore other cultures
  • Let’s explore each other
Surprise date night cards OpenMity

Let’s Dig Deep: Date Cards Game with Questions

Some dates include a conversation starter where each partner speaks for 5 minutes, and then you switch. This makes for a deeper conversation.

date cards game for couples

For Loving Couples of All Ages

Whether you are:

  • celebrating your 20th anniversary (and you want to feel like you’ve just started dating all over again)
  • or maybe you just met each other (ow oww, this will take your first dates to the next level),

these date night cards will keep you intrigued all night long..

Date night cards

This game has various types of date night ideas including staying at home, going outside, exploring each other, and exploring different world cultures. We have also included some ideas that are family-friendly. Moreover, these are not just date ideas— date night cards for couples also include some tips and tricks for how to make your dates even more special.

Now, go make some memories together!

Greetings and kisses, from Aggie & Charles

date night card game


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Make your date night even more romantic and special!

Clear your mind, relax and most importantly enjoy some quality time together!

OpenMity couple owners of OpenMity romantic games for couples

Who we are - OpenMity couple

Hello, it’s me (Aggie) and my husband (Charles), and yes, we are kind of regular couple with two small kids. We are for Loving couples who want to learn and grow together while keeping their passion alive! We want every couples’ bonds to become stronger, so that every topic is OPEN for couples to discuss and NOT to be ashamed any way. Not only does this create learning opportunities, but it promotes a feeling of mutual trust.

Our story

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Date Night Cards


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