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Is this possible to want something that you already have? Is it possible to date in a long-term relationship and feel butterflies? Can you get excited to dress special and look forward to the date night?

In this blog post you will find our OpenMity Surprise Date Night Cards game,ideas of Pick a Card Date Night and free printable PDF file.

What are Pick a Card Date Night?

Every relationship starts with a honeymoon phase, and the idea of a pick-a-card date night is as foreign as country miles away. And as much we would like our relationships to continue being blissful, it simply isn't a reality. Whether you're in a new relationship or one that's been going on for years, spicing it up with novel experiences is one way to keep it exciting.

The index card date game is a fun and spontaneous way to add some excitement and variety for date night. The game is a great way for couples to try new things and explore new experiences together. Also, these index cards make it easier to plan an enjoyable date.

The main rules of the game are simple. To play this game, couples can create flashcards with different date ideas or activities written on them. The flashcards can include anything from trying a new restaurant, going on a hike, or having a game night at home. One person would randomly select one of the two cards for a date. They would then present the chosen option to their partner, who would then decide if they want to go with that option or choose the other card. Once a decision is made, the couple can then plan their date accordingly.

OpenMity Surprise Date Night Cards

Looking for a fun and spontaneous way to spice up your date nights? Our surprise date night idea cards are here to help!

With over 50 unique and creative date night ideas to choose from, these cards will bring excitement and surprise to your relationship. Each card offers a new and exciting date idea, ranging from adventurous outdoor activities to romantic candlelit dinners at home.

Simply flash card at random and let fate decide your next date night adventure. The surprise factor adds an element of excitement and anticipation that will keep your relationship fresh and fun.

These date night idea cards also make a great gift for your partner, friends, or family members. Perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or birthdays, these cards offer a unique and memorable experience that will be cherished for years to come.

So why not spice up your date nights and try something new with our surprise date night idea cards?

By enjoying a card date and being open to play couple games, couples experience something new of themselves and each other, which creates an excitement, irreplaceable couple time and brings the relationship to growth and desire, sexuality, intimacy, and joy.

OpenMity Date Night Cards for couples

Benefits of Pick a Card Date Nights

In addition to keeping your relationship fresh and exciting, regular date nights also have other benefits. Studies have shown that couples who go on regular date nights report higher levels of relationship satisfaction and lower levels of stress in their lives. Date nights also give an opportunity to try new things together, which can help keep the passion alive in your relationship.

It's important to note that date nights don't have to be expensive or complicated. The goal is to spend quality time together and connect with one another. If you're on a budget, there are an abundance of low-cost date ideas which can be just as fun, novel and meaningful.

For example, try having a game night at home with snacks and drinks, or have a DIY project night and create something together. Invite other couples for a board game night or organize a movie screening at your place. You can also take a cooking class together and make dinner at home, go for a hike to have a picnic, take a dance class together, or have a spa day at home with face masks and massages. The possibilities are endless!

OpenMity Pick a Card Date Ideas Topics for free

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Pick a card date ideas at home

  • Movie night: Write down specific movies or different movie genres on cards.
  • Game night: Write down different board games, card games or video games on cards.
  • Cooking: Write down meal options or ingredients on cards.
  • Spa night: Write down different spa activities, such as face masks, massages, and foot soaks.
  • Book club: Write down different book options or genres on cards.
  • Karaoke night: Write down different song options on cards.

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Flash card date night ideas outside

  • Picnic in the park: Write down different picnic food options and locations.
  • Hiking adventure: Write down different parks in your area.
  • Bike ride: Write down different bike routes or destinations.
  • Beach day: Write down different beach locations or activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, or playing beach volleyball.
  • Outdoor concert: Write down different outdoor concert venues or artists.
  • Romantic walk under the stars in a local park or at the beach.
  • Go on a ghost tour or a haunted house adventure.
  • Attend a poetry reading or an open mic night.
OpenMity Picnic Idea in the Park

Foodie pick a card date ideas

  • Cooking class: Write down different cooking class options, such as sushi making or pasta making.
  • Food tour: Write down different food tour options, such as a taco tour or a wine and cheese tour.
  • Restaurant date: Write down different restaurant options in your area.
  • Dessert crawl: Write down different dessert locations, such as bakeries or ice cream.
  • Wine tasting: Write down different wine tasting options, such as a local winery or a tasting room.
  • Pizza night: Write down different pizza toppings and crust options.

OpenMity Card Idea for Date Night

Funny this or that date cards ideas

  • Dress-up dinner: Write down different costume themes or characters.
  • Dance party: Write down different dance styles or songs.
  • Karaoke roulette: Write down different songs on cards.
  • Adventure scavenger hunt: Write down different silly tasks or challenges.
  • Blindfolded taste test: Write down different food items on cards, and let your partner pick one to taste blindfolded for a hilarious guessing game.
  • Attend a comedy club or improv night for some laughs.

These are just a few examples of pick a date card idea. You can customize them based on your interests and preferences to make them even more enjoyable for you and your partner.

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