Is there still a myth that men expect to grunt and fight off wild animals while women are supposed to faint at the sight of a spider? It seems like a lot of pressure for everyone involved!

We opened up some top myths about women and men in terms of se*uality and relationships.

How about those?

Men are by nature aggressive but protectors and Women are emotive, vain, and fertile. 

Men are always ready for and interested in se*. At the same time, Women are more interested in marriage and settling down than men. 


Women are more concerned with relationships and emotions than men. On the other hand, Men don't need to express their feelings; it shows weakness.


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Women are more submissive and passive in relationships. At the same time, Men should always make the first move in romantic relationships.

Women are naturally more emotional and irrational. And the opposite: Men don't cry or show vulnerability.

These myths might have had their moment in the sun, but it's time to let them fade into the background like a bad '80s fashion trend. After all, we're all a mix of emotions, desires, and quirks, regardless of whether we wear skirts or pants!

All crazy lovers, let's go outside to break myths for good and seek love and closeness!