20 Relationship “Get to Know You Games” for Couples

Apr 12, 2022

Get to Know You Games for Couples

These dating games to get to know each other better are perfect for a couple’s very first date or for a married couple celebrating their anniversary.
I love what one of our customers wrote about The Box of Meaningful Conversations game:

You think you know your partner, but they lived their whole life before they met you. It's time to bridge that gap. The "game" can be very structured with goals and worksheets. We try to keep it simple; we ask ourselves one question before we go to bed as a way of connecting. Highly recommend. I wish we got this as a gift when we first got married. It would have helped us connect and weather the storms that inevitably face all couples.” This review perfectly reflects why we create these games and why connecting with our partner regularly is so important.

The Box of Meaningful Conversations by OpenMity: 130 Get to Know You Cards for couples

This box is full of 130 questions for couples to get to know each other better, split into four categories:

  • Love
  • Personality and self-awareness
  • Past, future, and fun
  • Values and beliefs

This game also has a couple’s checklist to help you follow up on your goals, aspirations, and more! Check it here.

Couples-questions relationship game for couples penMity

Because Love Should Be an Action

Similar to The Box of Meaningful Conversations, this couples card game includes: 130 questions as well as activities do together and individually like:

  • date ideas,
  • habits for happy couples,
  • and more

Check it here

Relationship game for Couples OpenMity Love

Never Have I Ever Game for Couples - Free PDF Download

This is a fun and educational (in the most intriguing way, we promise 😉) game for couples—and it’s free! We have also prepared a printable version of the Never Have I Ever questions that includes:

  • 30 funny,
  • 10 freaky,
  • and 15 dirty questions to help you learn more about your partner—we did say this was going to be educational, remember?

All of these questions are at your fingertips when you click here.

Never have I ever questions for couples

Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom game for couples

  • 50 spicy questions
  • 28 foreplay moves
  • 30 intimate activities 
  • Based on classic Tic-Tac-Toe game rules

Tic Tac To the Bedroom Game for couples OpenMity premium edition

Premium Love Battleship Game for Couples

  • 25 fun moves
  • 25 intimate activities
  • Premium design with golden lines
  • perfect for a gift 
  • probably the best way to say "baby, I still want you even after all these years"

Premium Love Battleship game OpenMity contents

Love Battleship premium couples game

Truth or Dare for Couples

A bit similar to Never Have I Ever, this game also includes playful dares and fun challenges for some added spontaneity because Truth or Dare should never be boring. Buy it on Amazon.Get to know you games for couples truth or dare

Couples Bucket List

The Couples Bucket List is like the jackpot of date ideas and conversation starters for couples. This game will help create unforgettable memories by providing a to-do list for you and your partner split into three categories:

  • Life
  • Love
  • Laughter

Check out the game on Amazon!Get to know you games for couples couples bucket list

Talk, Flirt, Dare

Feeling talkative, flirty, or daring? With this game you can choose which card category to play based on your mood, or pick cards from all three categories and see where the conversation (and activities) take you. This flirty and fun couples card game has easy-to-follow rules and includes:

  • Questions for each partner
  • Flirty activities
  • Dares

Add it to your cart on AmazonGet to know you games for couples talk flirt dare


Yes, you read that right. Why do we suggest playing Monopoly together? Because you can see how your partner handles stressful and competitive situations

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be a great “get to know you game” because you’ll see how you work together to solve mysteries, giving you insight into how you will problem solve together in real life. Check your local escape room options (they’re quite popular these days!), or you can choose a board game version like this one on Amazon.

Printable Card Games for Couples

Looking for a last-minute game for couples? These printable options are perfect!

Choose the one that fits you and your partner best and enjoy!

Get to Know You Questions for Couples Games

We love the idea of asking a variety of questions on different topics to keep one another on your toes. We recommend starting with some funny or easy “icebreaker” questions to get comfortable and then move on to deeper, more intimate categories.

Icebreaker Questions for Couples

Typical icebreaker questions are usually about your favorite foods, books, and movies, but we have collected some more unique ones for you and your partner to dive into:

  • Are you afraid of heights? (Fun fact: I did not ask my boyfriend this back when we were dating—now we are married with two children—and my first birthday present to him was bungee jumping… Well, it is safe to say I have never seen anyone so scared before. But you know what? He did it. And now he says if he is afraid of doing something, he remembers that moment bungee jumping and everything else seems less scary.)
  • When was the last time you sang out loud?
  • Are you a dog or cat person?
  • White or dark chocolate?
  • Are you an early bird or night owl?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Movie or book?

Get to Know You Questions for Couples

Deep Questions


    Flirty Questions

    Flirty questions to ask a guy or girl

      Relationship Card Games for Couples

      Relationship games for couples are essential for the 21st century “Netflix and chill” dating culture. Couples card games bring intimacy and passion back into relationships and give couples the opportunity to spend time together instead of spending time watching TV. Nowadays, we are surrounded by a commercial world with products, services, and all sorts of things designed to catch our eye and entertain us starting from very young ages like:

      • The colorful plastic toys, cartoons, and entertaining videos from our young childhood.
      • The TV series and video games from our youth and teenage years

      In this distracting and entertainment-focused world, we tend to prioritize things other than each other. Often we easily forget:

      • To say sorry
      • How to touch each other sensually
      • How to hug and cuddle
      • How to listen and talk with each other

      OpenMity is about real relationships, real emotions, and real human touch because love is an action, not a virtual reality.

      Because Love Should be an Action Relationship Card Game for Couples

      • Habits of happy couples
      • Get to know you questions for couples
      • Activities for couples
      • Date night ideas and more

      Because Love Should be an Action is probably the best card game option if you are searching for get to know you games for married couples. With its beautiful and unique packaging, it’s like a little gift in itself. 

      Surprise Date Cards

      “I don’t like pleasant surprises,” said no one, ever.

      When was the last time you had a surprise date? And we mean an actual surprise where you didn’t know anything about the date night and your partner planned every single detail.
      We created the Surprise Date Cards game for this exact purpose: so, partners can focus on each other 100% of the time and have an amazing date together.
      This game includes 52 dates with 26 surprises (each of your will have your own folder so your cards will be kept secret from your partner) plus fun conversation starters. Let the surprises begin!

      Get to know you games for couples

      Intimacy Card Games

      We can also call these flirty card games because they really do bring the flirt out in all of us. We usually flirt while our relationships are still young and in the honeymoon phase, but our flirting tends to diminish over time. With intimacy card games, you can bring back your flirty sides and build that oh-so exciting anticipation and passion between each other.

      Love Battleship: Couples Card Game

      This fun and simple intimacy game for couples will help build the tension and anticipation while you play. Surprise your partner and show them that your passion and desire for each other still burns with the Love Battleship couples card game.

      Get to know you intimacy games for couples

      Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom Game for Couples

      The classic Tic-Tac-Toe just got a lot more fun 😉. This game includes:

      • 50 intimacy questions to explore each other
      • 28 foreplay cards to build anticipation
      • 28 intimate activity cards

      Love Matching Couples Cards Game

      You two are a perfect match, 😊 so let’s play a game where you have to find matching cards with a twist…they are foreplay and intimacy cards. Play this game with your perfect match and you two are sure to have a pleasurable time exploring each other.

      Upgrade your Love Matching intimacy card game experience with the spa kit in our couples Date Night Box! Check it out here.


      The Box of Burning Desires: The Most Extensive Intimacy Card Game

      The Box of Burning Desires game will have you and your partner exploring new levels of intimacy with:

      • Spicy bedroom questions
      • 100 foreplay and intimate activities
      • 36 romantic and naughty scenarios for couples

      This game also includes beautiful illustrations made specially for our Box of Burning Desires.


      Couples Games With a Deck of Cards

      These are two player relationship card games for couples played with a standard deck of cards.

      Naughty Poker

      You’ll play a regular game of poker, but the loser has to remove one piece of clothing every round. Put on some romantic music and light a few candles to set the mood as one of you slowly strips down as the game goes on. The winner is the one left wearing the most of clothing at the end of the game.

      Romantic Gesture Card Game

      Use a regular deck of cards and pick cards from each suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades). Each partner writes romantic gestures on the cards with permanent marker so that they do not fade. Here are some of our favorite examples:

      • Foot massage
      • Sensual kissing
      • Breakfast in bed
      • Back rubs
      • Who chooses the movie?
      • Words of appreciation and compliments

      The Romantic Gesture card game can be played with any regular card game based on your preferences!


      This is one of the easiest card games and is often played by kids. Full rules with illustrations for Slapjack can be found here. Deal all of the cards between the two of you and take turns placing cards one by one in the center of the table, the bed, or wherever you are playing. Keep an eye out for a jack and try to be the first to slap it. The winner is the one who slaps it first.
      You can play this game so the one who does not slap the jack first removes one piece of clothing or performs a romantic gesture. You can also check out these naughty questions for inspiration.


      To keep the passion alive

      OpenMity sensual massage oils for couples romance
      Sensual massage oils for couples OpenMity