Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Romantic relationships have had to adapt to numerous unprecedented changes over the past year. Some couples found themselves living on top of one another, whilst others had to make it work socially distanced over zoom. This past year, couples new and old have faced obstacles unlike any other. If you're in a relationship that survived the pandemic, you should be proud.

Now things are beginning to change once again, and societies around the globe will begin functioning as they once had, you might be wondering what this means for your relationship. If you're in a long-term relationship that's managed to wade through the pandemic, the concept of not spending every waking moment with your significant other might now seem strange.

The key to any long-lasting relationship is to make sure things never get boring. Stay engaged with your significant other and continuously strive to learn and discover more about them, no matter what stage in the relationship you're at. This mutual feeling of validation will help solidify your bond and keep things interesting. One of the best ways to stay engaged and learn more about your partner is through games and activities such as never have I ever.

What Is Never Have I Ever?

Never have I ever is a guaranteed conversation starter. In a game of never have I ever, you and your partner take turns reading out statements that begin with the phrase 'never have I ever...' If your partner has done the activity you've suggested, they have to tell you.

 Often, never have I ever is played as a drinking game where if the person has done the activity, they have to sip their drink. These activities are usually taboo, s*xual, embarrassing, or a combination of the three.

 Although never have I ever might make you squirm at first, this embarrassment will quickly subside as you learn more about your lover's deepest feelings or s*x dreams, unknown fetishes like s*x in the public, or embarrassing moments - caught my parents. If you're drinking as part of the game, this embarrassment will swiftly be replaced by drunken candour, making the game even more hilarious and revealing!

 The never have I ever statements can be created by you and your partner, or you can use ready-made prompts. Ready-made questions and statements ensure every question asked is meaningful, funny or exposing. By letting someone else do the hard work, your game of never have I ever will run smoother, and you can focus on enjoying the game and appreciating what your lover is sharing with you.

Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions

After a few drinks, it can be fun to experience some dirty never have I ever prompts. Talking about your previous bedroom life can be a difficult subject. Many couples tend to sweep their previous experiences under the rug. Knowing and understanding your partner's needs and desires will ultimately contribute to a better bedroom life and an overall happier and healthier relationship. If you're too shy to ask under normal circumstances, never have i ever questions dirty will provide you with an understanding of your partner's preferences.

Turn this into discovering wishes or desires…. Never Have I Ever Wanted to…

  1. Go to a str*p club
  2. Do a skinny dipping (nak*d swim)
  3. Dance on the bar
  4. Have one night stand
  5. Send a naughty photo to someone
  6. Have s*x in a public space
  7. Watch p*rn
  8. Be to an adult store
  9. Go to speed dating
  10. Tie me up
  11. Receive a lap dance/give a lap dance
  12. Have a friend with benefits
  13. Try role playing
  14. Shower with the partner
  15. Make out while swimming in a pool or on a beach

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never have i ever questions dirty for Couples

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Starting with a set of funny questions and statements can be a great way to ease each of you into the game. If you've not played never have I ever before, it's normal to have first-time nerves. Break the ice by getting some funny, cringe-worthy questions out the way. Once you've exposed or reminisced on your most embarrassing moments, you'll find it easier to let your guard down on more risqué questions later on.

Never Have I Ever…

  1. Stood someone up on a date
  2. Given a fake number
  3. Broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it
  4. Pretended I remembered someone when I did not
  5. Been kicked out of a bar/club
  6. Given a fake name
  7. Lied about my age
  8. Met a celebrity
  9. Been on a TV or Radio
  10. Lied to get a job
  11. Taken part in a talent show
  12. Been in a helicopter
  13. Stepped barefoot in a dog poop
  14. Cried in a movie theater
  15. Got a speeding ticket
  16. Got a tattoo
  17. Ran marathon
  18. Sung karaoke in front of people
  19. Given a public speech
  20. Kept a New Year’s resolution
  21. Won the lottery
  22. Regifted a gift
  23. Got on the wrong train or bus
  24. Went on a solo vacation
  25. Bungee jumped
  26. Been trapped in an elevator
  27. Been awake for two days straight
  28. Had a surprise party thrown for me
  29. Received an anonymous gift
  30. Gone to a rave or music festivalFunny never have I ever questions

Freaky Never Have I Ever Questions

 Take one step further and uncover your lover's freaky side. Everyone can play dirty from time to time, but if you want to unleash your lovers deepest, craziest desires, never have I ever is the way to do it.

If you've got a fantasy scenario that you've been reluctant to share, now is your chance. “Never have I ever” creates a positive, open and reaffirming environment where you and your lover can be completely transparent about your needs and desires.

Talking about your freaky wants not only encourages deep personal conversation, but it creates a sensual atmosphere.

Never have I ever is a great way to break down barriers and inspire excitement into your bedroom life. Keep your relationship alive and add some spice to your relationship with a game of never have I ever. After the year we've endured, we all deserve a little more pleasure in our lives.

Never Have I Ever Wanted to…

  1. Have a s*xy nickname
  2. Have a nickname for your private parts
  3. Try threesome
  4. Watch another couple get it on
  5. Lick food off someone
  6. Be choked
  7. Taste myself
  8. Try Master and Slave roleplay
  9. Have an open relationship
  10. Exchange nak*d photos/dirty messagesFreaky Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

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Whether you're in a new relationship, or you've stood the test of time, keeping things fresh and fun in the bedroom can be difficult. Playing a game of never have I ever ensures you stay engaged with your lover and their needs.

Unlike other pleasure experiences, never have I ever isn't purely physical; the prompts and questions involved in playing help you learn more about your partner's preferences and discover things about them you never knew.

 Keep your bedroom life fun, learn more about your lover, and unleash your freaky side in the won't regret it.

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