One Year Dating Anniversary Gifts for Him

Congratulations! You’ve been dating your partner for a whole year. Anniversaries mean celebration, and excitement, but also… gifts. Even the best gift-giver may find one-year dating anniversary gifts for him a challenge. After all, you want to do something special, but not something so big. Remember, you’ve only made it one time around the sun together.

What should I gift my boyfriend on our first anniversary?

If you’re feeling stuck, check out these 25 options for 1 year dating anniversary ideas that are sure to make him smile.

5 Anniversary gifts for gamer boyfriend

Is your guy always on his phone, in front of his game console, or asking you to try out a new board game with him? Bring these games into the bedroom to spice up your love life and celebrate your first anniversary.

1. S*x Memory Game - This game is sure to get your gamer guy excited. Each card has a s*xual act designated for a man or a woman to do. There are two for each act, meaning each person has to give and receive. Both players ultimately end up winning at this game if you play it right.


Love Battleship Card Game For Couples

2. Love Battleship - Add a bit of lust to this classic nostalgic game. This game combines the classic premise of the battleship game with steamy cards that distract you from the board.

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3. New Headset - Every gamer boyfriend needs a high-quality headset to stay connected with his gamer friends. Hey, maybe you can find a use for it in the bedroom as well.



    Logitech headset with microphone
    OpenMity Love Matching Game For Anniversary Gift4. Love Matching Game - Similar to the sex memory game, you’ll draw cards and do the acts mentioned on the card. This is a matching game, so for every act, there will be two cards, meaning each partner has to give and receive pleasure. This card game is a bit tamer than the sex memory game, but still a great time. Choosing between the two can depend on how comfortable sexually you are with your partner.
    OpenMity Date Night Box For Couples

    5. Accessories - Accessories, like handcuffs, blindfolds, and other kinky toys are a great addition to give along with any of the games listed above. Some of the games may even ask you to bring out these items (as an optional way to spice up the game) so it’s good to have them on hand.

      5 Romantic Gifts for Him on Anniversary

      How can I surprise my boyfriend on our first anniversary? Is your partner always buying you flowers, making you dinner, and wooing you with romantic gestures? It’s time you give a bit of romance back to him in return with these romantic and sensual first anniversary gifts

      Massage Oils For Couple

      1. Gift Box with Massage Oils - This gift is a great way to bond with your partner. The set comes with two massage oils that’ll help you two get close. Take turns relaxing with a massage. The oils are made with avocado and grapeseed oil to provide moisturizing relief. The set also comes with a blindfold if you want to surprise your man. Both oils are passion fruit scented and come in 5.07 oz. bottles. 

      2. Collage Picture Frame - Place all of your best memories in a nice collage picture frame. Guys can be sentimental too and will love the thought you put behind this special gift.

      Picture collage frame gift idea for anniversary

      3. New Boxers - Your guy may have gifted you a new dress or lingerie set in the past, but have you done the same for him? A new set of boxers for your partner is truly a gift for both of you.

      Underwear boxer brief set for him
      Massage Candles For Romantic Date Night

      4. Massage Candle - Light a spark (literally) with these massage candles. Like the gift box with oils, these massage candles will help the two of you get closer. OpenMity has three different scents for you to choose from. Consider what he likes. After all, it is his gift. Choose between strawberry, lemon, and tropics, or buy all three and see which one he likes the best. The jar the candle comes in can be repurposed as a coffee creamer jug.

      Lockable Storage Boxes For Romantic Toys

      5. Lockable Storage Box - If he’s romantic, he may also be sensual. Put all your favorite toys in this box that the two of you can seal with a special combination lock.

        5 Adventurous Gifts for Him

        Is your boyfriend always wanting to try something new? Is he curious about the world around him? Bring that excitement into your relationship with one of these adventurous gifts that’ll excite even the biggest adrenaline junkie and give you exciting things to do for 1 year anniversary.

        1. Airbnb Stay - Take a weekend away (even if it’s only a few miles away) to an Airbnb that looks interesting. Airbnb has all kinds of places to stay in. From yurts to treehouses, this is the perfect gift for an adventurous guy.

        Treehouse vacation idea for anniversary

        2. Hiking Gear - If your guy is a man of the outdoors, give him a few handy pieces of hiking gear. This can include a reusable water bottle, fast-drying towels, camping silverware, or anything he can take with him on his next adventure.

        Water bottle gift idea for outside adventures

        Box Of Burning Desires Gift Idea For Couples

        3. Box of Burning Desires - There are a ton of adventures outdoors, but also plenty awaiting you and your partner inside. Buy your guy the box of burning desires if you want to bring new, exciting, and interesting questions and playful acts into the bedroom. This box comes with over 170 romantic and spicy questions, 50 playful ideas to inspire you, 50 pleasure cards, and 36 fantasy cards. With this many adventures, you’re sure to have an exciting second year!

        4. Emergency Camping Supplies - This is the ultimate emergency survival kit. Your guy will have everything he needs on his next camping trip, and you can rest easy knowing that he’s safe out there.
        Outdoor survival kit gift idea
        5. Hiking Boots - Hiking boots or sandals are a must for any explorer. Learn what his favorite brand is and buy him a new pair.
        Hiking boots for explorer

        5 Gifts for Sporty Guys

        Is your boyfriend a big sports guy? Does he like to get competitive? Bring some of that fire into the bedroom. Whether he enjoys playing a sport of just observing, these anniversary gifts for your boyfriend of one year are sure to have your partner smiling with gratitude.

        1. Jersey - There are plenty of sites where you can get a jersey that has the name of your guy’s favorite player on it. This is a cute and personal anniversary gift.
        Basketball custom jersey gift idea

        2. Cooler - There are a ton of custom-made coolers you can find online. Buy him one to bring to the court or the field the next time he plays with friends.

        Rolling cooler for summer
        Kinky Tic Tac To Bedroom Game

        3. Tic-Tac-To The Bedroom Game - This game will bring out the competitive and passionate side of your partner. The game comes with 28 foreplay cards, 30 intimate cards, 2 fabric bags, and a game board and rules. It’ll definitely distract him from the game.

        4. Golf Cornhole - Bring the putting green to your backyard with this golf cornhole game. He can practice hitting his “hole in one” from the comfort of his home.

        Golf cornhole set

        5. Gameday Basket - Give him snacks, his favorite drink, and something personal from his favorite sport’s team for his next gameday event. Package it up in a nice basket for the perfect cherry on top for the gift.

        Snack and drink basket gift idea for men

          Bookish Gifts for Guys

          Does he forego sports in favor of a good book? Pair these one-year dating anniversary gifts with a book in your boyfriend’s favorite genre.

          1. New York Times Custom Football Book - If your guy likes sports and reading, this book is perfect for him. Nothing says I love you more than a scrapbook of his favorite NFL team.

          New York Times custom football book

          2. Personalized library stamp - Get him a stamp that says “From the library of (his name). It’s a silly gift but a personal touch that he can add to all of his books. Whenever a friend borrows the book, they’ll never forget who to return it to.

          Personalized library wood stamp

          3. Book Mug - Buy a bag of his favorite coffee and pair it with this book mug and a book you think he’ll love. Not only is the set perfectly aesthetic, but it’s also all things he’ll use.

          Book mug gift idea
          OpenMity box of meaningful conversations couples game gift idea

          4. Box of Meaningful Conversations - If he likes to read, he may love a deep, intellectual conversation. This conversation starter game will help the two of you grow closer together as you learn more about each other. You may think you know everything about a person, but these questions may surprise you.

          OpenMity Romantic Fantasies pdf card game gift idea for anniversary

          5. Romantic Fantasies Game - If he’s used to getting lost in stories as he reads, help him get lost in a fantasy. These game cards prompt the fantasy, but you have to explore it. This game is perfect for a guy who wants to be the main character.

            Keep the Fun Going with 1st Relationship Anniversary Gifts

            Your man is sure to get excited over any one year dating gift you get him from this list. Keep the fun going all night and into the next year of your relationship with one of our OpenMity games.


            To keep the passion alive

            OpenMity sensual massage oils for couples romance
            Sensual massage oils for couples OpenMity