Large Size Wooden Box With Lock

Large Size Wooden Box With Lock

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  • "The construction is solid, and the gold hardware looks gorgeous against the white finish. The satin pillow on the inside is a sweet finishing touch. I can tell a lot of care was put into this item from beginning to end."
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Enjoy a large size wooden lockable storage box for your precious toys. With a classy, wooden texture in black or white color, this box would look exquisitely in your bedroom, unlike traditional plastic boxes.

Classic colors available:

Black and white

Two variations of each color are available:

  • Plain box without the text message (Life is too short not to do it dirty) inside the box
  • With motto (Life is too short not to do it dirty) inside the box.

External size of the sex toy lock box:

  • L size:
    • Inches: 14.5 in (length) x 9.5 (width) in x 6.7 in (height)
    • Centimeters: 37 cm (length) x 24.2 cm (width) x 17 cm (height)
  • XL size
    • Inches: 18.5 in (length) * 9.53 in (width) * 7.2 in (height)
    • Centimeters: 47.1 cm (length) x 24.2 cm (width) x 18.3 cm (height)
  • XXL size
    • Inches: 26.8 in (length)* 9.53 in (width) * 7.2 in (height)
    • Centimeters: 68.2 cm (length) x 24.2 cm (width) x 18.3 cm (height)
  • S size
    • Inches: 12 in (length) x 6 (width) in x 4.1 in (height)
    • Centimeters: 30.6 cm (length) x 15.4 cm (width) x 10.4 cm (height)

♥ Your order will be prepared and shipped within 1-3 business days.

♥ You will receive the box in discreet packaging.

Expected delivery time for standard shipping:

o 3-5 business days to the USA

o 3-12 business days to the EU (3-5 business days to Germany, Belgium and Austria)

o 8-15 business days to the rest of the world

Worldwide shipping

No more OMG moments with the toddler walking out with mommy’s toy. ;)
sex toy storage box sex toy box

This box will look exquisitely in your bedroom

unlike traditional plastic boxes
adult toy box

classy and nice

External size of the box:

sex toy lock box adult toy box

Life is too short not to do it dirty

Your order will be prepared and shipped in 1-3 business days.

Lockable box features and benefits

Adult toy storage

sex toy storage
sex toy chest

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Andreas Froese
Very nice seller!

Wonderful product! Top quality! Recommendation� !!!

cherie bolasna
Arrived as advertised.

Very impressed with the quality of this product.

The quality is good Just came with a lil scratch.

But overall I�m happy

Megan King
The item matches the description.

It's super cute and easy to use. I do wish it had a handle or on the sides since it sits in my drawer, but nonetheless, it's a great product. The seller was communicative and very nice to work with.

Jason LeClair
Absolutely amazing product.

May order something from them again.

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