National Couples Day

When is National Couple's Day 2023?

National Couple's Day date is always August 18. It's a designated occasion for couples to rejoice in their love and shared journey.

While Valentine's Day carries its own charm, it often carries expectations and materialism. International Couple's Day refocuses on the core essence – you and your partner. This day offers an opportunity to celebrate authentically, embracing the level of extravagance that suits your preferences.

What is National Couple's Day?

  • Date: National Couples Day falls on August 18th each year.
  • Purpose: The day is dedicated to celebrating the love, commitment, and history couples share.
  • Focus on Authenticity: Unlike other romantic holidays, National Couples Day encourages couples to celebrate in a way that feels true to their relationship, without external pressures or materialism.
  • Personalized Celebrations: Couples can choose how they want to celebrate, whether with simple gestures, intimate moments, or more elaborate festivities.
  • Strengthening Bonds: The day allows couples to deepen their emotional connection, communicate openly, and reaffirm their commitment to each other.

7 suggestions for celebrating National Couples Day tailored to new couples

Here are some activity ideas + topics to discuss during your special date.

  1. Picnic in the Park: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods, a cozy blanket, and head to a nearby park. Enjoy each other's company, play some outdoor games, and relish the simple pleasures of nature.
    • When we're feeling nostalgic, what comfort food or childhood dish brings back the most memories for you?picnic date idea for couples OpenMity romance
  2. Cooking Together: Choose a recipe that you both want to try and cook a romantic dinner together at home. It's a fun way to collaborate, share laughs, and enjoy a homemade meal.
    • If we were to create a signature dish that represents our relationship, what ingredients would it include and why?international couples day ideas staying at home OpenMity
  3. Memory Lane: Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting the place where you had your first date or first met. Reminisce about your journey so far and share stories about your early days as a couple.
    • How has our relationship evolved since we first met?national couple day date idea OpenMity
  4. DIY Craft Night: Get creative with a DIY craft night. You can work on a project together, like painting canvases, making a scrapbook, or creating personalized couple's mementos.
    • What's a shared interest or hobby we'd like to explore further?date ideas for national couple day
  5. Stargazing: Find a quiet spot away from city lights, lay out a blanket, and gaze at the stars. You can even bring a telescope if you have one or use stargazing apps to identify constellations.
    • What qualities in each other do you admire the most?star gazing date idea for national couples day
  6. Artistic Expression: paint each other - yes, as simple and funny as that. Or even better - paint on each other :) 
    • What's a small gesture that always makes you feel loved and valued?national fiance day date idea for couples OpenMity
  7. Bookstore or Coffee Shop Date: Spend the day exploring a bookstore or visiting a cozy coffee shop. Choose books for each other, read excerpts aloud, and engage in meaningful conversations.
    • What qualities in each other do you admire the most?

I looove those cards design - and have collected 52 Surprise Date Ideas for couples with this beautiful design :) Enjoy!surprise date idea for the national couples day

Make this day as a start of 30-days couple challenge - here are some ideas for it (it's a free printable :).30 days couple challenges 

7 suggestions for celebrating National Couple's Day tailored specifically for married couples who have children

It's a wonderful opportunity to show your kids what a strong and loving partnership looks like.

  1. Appreciation Game: Involve the kids in making a "gratitude jar" where everyone writes down things they appreciate about each other. After bedtime, share the notes and reflect on your relationship.
  2. At-Home Spa: Collaborate with the kids to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. Enjoy a relaxing evening with homemade face masks, foot soaks, and soothing music.
  3. Cooking Together: Involve the children in preparing a special dinner for the whole family. After the kids are asleep, have a romantic dinner for two using the meal you prepared together earlier.
  4. Crafty Connections: Engage in a craft activity with the kids during the day, and then continue the creativity with a couples' craft project later on.
  5. Book Exchange: Have a family story time during the day, where each family member shares a favorite story. In the evening, exchange heartfelt letters or read romantic excerpts from a book together.
  6. Outdoor Adventure: Plan an outdoor adventure that's kid-friendly during the day, such as a nature hike. Once the kids are asleep, enjoy a stargazing session or a quiet moment by a campfire.
  7. Home Dance Party: Dance and play music with the kids during the day. Later, clear some space in the living room for a cozy dance with your partner after the kids are asleep.


Based on year 2023 data:
1. MICHAELLE & BARAKS OBAMAS (30 years married)
Michaelle:"We have to be willing to listen to each other honestly and without defensiveness. Only then can we evolve together"
2. VICTORIA & DAVID BECKHAM'S (24 years married)
Victoria: "In marriage: have patience. Bite your tongue. Be supportive. And preserve a bit of mystique"
3. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS & DAVID BURTKA (married since 2014)
David:"You have to take care of your marriage," he advises. "You have to go on dates. You have to see someone, if you can, to talk about it." Putting in that work is what helps the couple maintain their flame.
4. MERYL STREEP & DON GUMMER (married over 40 years)
"You have to listen to your partner's problems, suggestions, and advice, and accept that you're not always right. Conversation is the key to a successful marriage."
5. RYAN REYNOLDS & BLAKE LIVELY (married for 9 years)
Be friends first! Blake: "That's what I appreciate about our relationship: He's my friend, first and foremost.. not just in our history but in everyday life. He's my friend first, and I think that's the secret to happiness. I don't know the secret to happiness, but it's the secret to my happiness, at least."

Enjoy and celebrate your love!

Is August 18th also a National Fiancé Day?

Well, we can refer to March 20, which is National Kiss Your Fiancé Day according to days of the year

Happy National Couples Day Quotes

Which one best describes you both?
  • We're like a fine wine – getting better with age, and sometimes a little goofy.
  • Our relationship: two weirdos who found each other. Happy National Couples Day!
    Happy National couples day OpenMity
  • They say couples start to look like each other. Well, we must be soulmates then!
  • Here's to us, the dynamic duo that laughs at our own inside jokes. Happy National Couples Day!
  • Love is knowing when to say sorry... and when to bribe with chocolate.
  • Love is sharing your fries, your secrets, and your Netflix password.
  • Love is pretending to be interested in each other's hobbies. Well, trying to at least!
  • Our love language? A mix of sarcasm, inside jokes, and endless laughter.Funny couples quotes happy national couples day
  • Here's to us – partners in love, laughter, and life. Happy National Couples Day!Here is to us happy national couples day
  • To the journey we've embarked upon together – Happy National Couples Day!
  • Together, we make the perfect team. Happy National Couples Day!
  • Here's to us, our love, and the adventures that await. Happy National Couples Day!


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