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25 Love quotes for husband

by Agnese Spravnika |

These 25 different level love quotes for your husband will make him feel appreciated and loved. Makes them as perfect love notes.
Sometimes, I remind my husband that I need to hear more compliments, but then I thought, hmm, but am I showing the same appreciation to him?⁠ Guilty as charged.⁠ So I thought of some friendly little reminders that you can use to compliment your guy every day. I’d say that it’s important to say it loud sometimes. Right?

5 Love quotes for husband to make him feel appreciated

  • I admire your strength and patience. I love you.Husband-appreciation-OpenMity
  • You are the best dad our kids could have.Husband-appreciation-dad-OpenMity
  • Thank you for showing your love, not just saying it, but making me feel loved.Husband-appreciation-loved-OpenMity
  • You are my best friend, my greatest support, my strongest motivation, my forever. You are the best #LoveYou :*sweet-love-quotes-for-husband
  • I probably don’t say it often, but I do mean it every day. Thank you for being such a loving and caring husband. #TrueLoveamazing-husband-quotes

5 Love quotes for him to cheer him up

  • You are not just my partner, you are my lover and my soulmate.i-love-you-message-for-husband
  • We make the best team.husband-and-wife-quotes
  • I believe in you, and I am so proud of your accomplishments. I love you.supportive-husband-quotes
  • I love how you keep working to be a better version of yourself and you also teach me how to become better than yesterday.husband-and-wife-relationship-quotes
  • I know that you can do it! You know it as well! The universe believes in you.appreciation-quotes-for-husband

Thank you for last night quotes and messages

Thank you! Last night was awesome!

thank you for last night

Keep smiling! Thank you for last night :*

thank you for last night dinner

Just thinking about you makes me smile :*


Thank you for last night

5 Love quotes for husband to say how much you miss him

  • I love the way you touch me, kiss me, and hug me. I miss you.missing-you-love-quotes
  • Your gentle but strong arms, I miss them so much.missing-you-quotes-love
  • You are my happy place, I love to cuddle with you.sweet-love-quotes-for-husband-i-miss-you
  • You are that part of my life that I will always need, can’t wait to see you.sweet-love-quotes-for-husband-and-wife
  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.dear-future-husband-quotes

5 Spicy love quotes for him

  • Your tongue… you know I love it.husband-valentines-day-quotes
  • Thank you for last night. Can’t wait to feel your arms again (and not just your arms).husband-valentines-day-quotes-love
  • I can’t wait to feel your power today, let’s tease each other today with some naughty games? ;)i-love-you-message-for-husband-OpenMity
  • The rain is probably not the only reason I am wet today. I want you now.funny-loving-quotes-for-husband
  • Can you get early back home today? I have a plan which you will love.husband-and-wife-quotes-OpenMity

5 funny love quotes for husband

  • I love you more than yesterday (yesterday you really got on my nerves). #I_love_you_too :*funny-loving-quotes-for-husband-OpenMity
  • Don’t worry, all men make mistakes. It’s just that married men find out about them sooner. #ToTheMoonAndBackfunny-relationship-quotes
  • If at first, you don’t succeed, try doing the way I (your lovely wife) told you. #Itoldyou :*funny-husband-wife-quotes-humor
  • Happy Anniversary! We’ve been through a lot together and most of it was your fault. #I_still_love_you :*funny-anniversary-quotes-for-husband-and-wife
  • I am not wearing any underwear because you didn’t put any laundry in the dryer as I asked you to 100 times #MarriageSexting #Iloveyouhusband-and-wife-quotes-funny

Marriage Spice up ideas

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