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25 Love quotes for husband

by Agnese Spravnika |

These 25 different level love quotes for your husband will make him feel appreciated and loved. Makes them as perfect love notes.
Sometimes, I remind my husband that I need to hear more compliments, but then I thought, hmm, but am I showing the same appreciation to him?⁠ Guilty as charged.⁠ So I thought of some friendly little reminders that you can use to compliment your guy every day. I’d say that it’s important to say it loud sometimes. Right?

5 Love quotes for husband to make him feel appreciated

  • I admire your strength and patience. I love you.Husband-appreciation-OpenMity
  • You are the best dad our kids could have.Husband-appreciation-dad-OpenMity
  • Thank you for showing your love, not just saying it, but making me feel loved.Husband-appreciation-loved-OpenMity
  • You are my best friend, my greatest support, my strongest motivation, my forever. You are the best #LoveYou :*sweet-love-quotes-for-husband
  • I probably don’t say it often, but I do mean it every day. Thank you for being such a loving and caring husband. #TrueLoveamazing-husband-quotes

3 Naughty Christmas Love Quotes for Him

Naughty Christmas Love Quote

Naughty Christmas message for husband

Naughty Christmas quote for boyfriend

17 Flirty Christmas Messages for boyfriend

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Thank you for last night quotes and messages

Thank you! Last night was awesome!

thank you for last night

Keep smiling! Thank you for last night :*

thank you for last night dinner

Just thinking about you makes me smile :*


Thank you for last night

5 Love quotes for him to cheer him up

  • You are not just my partner, you are my lover and my soulmate.i-love-you-message-for-husband
  • We make the best team.husband-and-wife-quotes
  • I believe in you, and I am so proud of your accomplishments. I love you.supportive-husband-quotes
  • I love how you keep working to be a better version of yourself and you also teach me how to become better than yesterday.husband-and-wife-relationship-quotes
  • I know that you can do it! You know it as well! The universe believes in you.appreciation-quotes-for-husband

5 Naughty gift ideas to say how much you love him and you still have passion for each other

Kissable masage candle for couples. Check it here.

Kissable massage candle

Box for deep and meaningful conversations for couples . Explore each other on even deeper levelThe Box of Meaningful Conversations - conversation starters for couples. 

box of meaningful conversations

Bedroom game for loving couplesthe bedroom just got a bit more fun! The Love Matching game. Check it here.bedroom game for couples

Date night box for couples - Date After Dark. Check it here.

date night box for couples openmity

Fun and playful bedroom game - Love Battleship for passionate couples. Keep the romance alive. Check it here.Love battleship game

5 Love quotes for husband to say how much you miss him

  • I love the way you touch me, kiss me, and hug me. I miss you.missing-you-love-quotes
  • Your gentle but strong arms, I miss them so much.missing-you-quotes-love
  • You are my happy place, I love to cuddle with you.sweet-love-quotes-for-husband-i-miss-you
  • You are that part of my life that I will always need, can’t wait to see you.sweet-love-quotes-for-husband-and-wife
  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.dear-future-husband-quotes

5 Spicy love quotes for him

  • Your tongue… you know I love it.husband-valentines-day-quotes
  • Thank you for last night. Can’t wait to feel your arms again (and not just your arms).husband-valentines-day-quotes-love
  • I can’t wait to feel your power today, let’s tease each other today with some naughty games? ;)i-love-you-message-for-husband-OpenMity
  • The rain is probably not the only reason I am wet today. I want you now.funny-loving-quotes-for-husband
  • Can you get early back home today? I have a plan which you will love.husband-and-wife-quotes-OpenMity

5 funny love quotes for husband

  • I love you more than yesterday (yesterday you really got on my nerves). #I_love_you_too :*funny-loving-quotes-for-husband-OpenMity
  • Don’t worry, all men make mistakes. It’s just that married men find out about them sooner. #ToTheMoonAndBackfunny-relationship-quotes
  • If at first, you don’t succeed, try doing the way I (your lovely wife) told you. #Itoldyou :*funny-husband-wife-quotes-humor
  • Happy Anniversary! We’ve been through a lot together and most of it was your fault. #I_still_love_you :*funny-anniversary-quotes-for-husband-and-wife
  • I am not wearing any underwear because you didn’t put any laundry in the dryer as I asked you to 100 times #MarriageSexting #Iloveyouhusband-and-wife-quotes-funny

Marriage Spice up ideas

Have some quality time with your partner. Enjoy each other with your lovely games for couples

  1. Box of Burning Desires game containing:
  • 170 questions to have some meaningful conversations about bedroom life
  • 100 playful and  fun ideas on game cards to explore each other and have some pleasure time
  • 36 prepared little scenarios specially made for male and female pleasure
The Box of burning desires game

Love Battleship game for loving couples

    • The game is based on classic Battleship game - so no complicated game rules. Less preparation, more pleasure. 
    Love Battleship game

    Recommended products

    Good for romantic gift for boyfriend or husband. Kissable masage candle for couples. Check it here.

    Kissable massage candle for couples Christmas gift

    Bedroom game for couples - the bedroom just got a bit more fun! The Love Matching game. Check it here.

    Love matching game for couples

    Conversation cards for couples - explore each other on even deeper level. The Box of Meaningful Conversations - conversation starters for couples. 

    the box of meaningful conversations cards for couples

    Date night box for couples - Date After Dark. Check it here.

    Date after dark date night box