Love Battleship card game for couples
Love Battleship card game for couples
Card game for couples Premium Love Battleship game OpenMity
Love Battleship card game for couples
OpenMity-Love-Battleship-romantic card game for couples
Love Battleship couples card game for couples
Love Battleship game OpenMity couple
OpenMity Love Battleship couples card game  examples
Fun couples game - Love Battleship
Couples board game - Love Battleship
Love Battleship premium game card examples
Premium card games for couples OpenMity
Classic card games for couples OpenMity

Love Battleship card game for couples

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  • Bring the exciting element of game play into your bedroom;
  • Exploring each other doesn't have to be awkward, this game will help you break the ice and ease into bedroom activities;
  • Use this game to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your partner.

A fun way to reconnect with your partner by bringing an element of exciting gameplay into your bedroom. If you're a newbie at spicy bedroom activities, don't worry - this couples card game is an excellent icebreaker that will help you loosen up and enjoy your time together.

Our customer Mark said it best: “My wife and I got this as a gift to ourselves. I really appreciate that it's not weird or gross like other games. It's so respectful to your partner. It's always just an awesome way for us to connect.

About the Love Battleship card game for couples.

This game is a twist on the well-loved classic - Battleship. Besides the Battleship element, we created Activity and F*replay cards to encourage you to rediscover one another in a very respectful yet fun way.

Don't underestimate the power of intimacy. Use our card game to reconnect with your partner.

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What is the Love Battleship dating card game?

The Love Battleship dating card game, created by OpenMity, is one of our bestsellers. We revamped the classic Battleship game by giving it a romantic twist – 50 different Activity and Foreplay cards for you to enjoy. We've added watercolor illustrations and clear instructions on each game card to make your experience easy to understand and smooth.

How to play the Love Battleship game?

It is one of the easiest games to play with your partner. Players try to guess the location of their opponents' ships in a game based on the classic Battleship game. With each little win, you get to enjoy our Activity or Foreplay cards, giving this classic a well deserved romantic twist.

Is the Love Battleship game a good idea for an anniversary gift?

If you are looking for a creative and memorable gift to surprise your partner with on an anniversary or any other special occasion, our Love Battleship couples card game will be an excellent idea. This game is perfect for spending quality time together, allowing both of you to enjoy the fun of a classic Battleship game but with a romantic twist.


Enjoy a game that builds anticipation


This is what your evening is missing

Think of it as the greatest foreplay you've had.

Foreplay cards in Love Battleship game

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Love Battleship card game for couples review OpenMity


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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Sierra Bostic
cute and well crafted

Smaller then I thought it was, but it's still cute and well crafted and very creative and shipping was fast

Phillip Isham

Great product for your lover


a good couple game, clear rule, simple to play, fun to act


Definitely was not disappointed. Thanks

a fun game

a fun game for husband gift thanks

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