Summer Bucket List for Couples

As summer approaches and the weather heats up an endless amount of date ideas are at your disposal. No longer does every date night have to be a movie in, hiding away from the cold outside. Take advantage of the warm weather by making a summer bucket list for you to do with your partner.

Why Make a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a fun addition to a relationship. So often in a relationship we can get stuck in our routines. Then, when we want to shake date nights up, we can’t think of what to do! With a summer bucket list, you have a myriad of ideas to chose from at any time. This also makes certain that you get in all of the activities you wanted to do by the end of summer.

Romantic Bucket List Ideas

Add and intensify romance in your relationship with these ideas.

  1. Have a Picnic- Don’t let warm weather go to waste with boring dinners inside. Have a picnic outside at a park, bring a blanket, and enjoy your partner’s company. You can even bring battery operated candles and nice dishware to set the romantic mood.
  2. Go to a Drive-in Movie- Take the movies out of your living room by going to a drive-in movie this summer. This is a fun experience and a great way to change up your typical movie night routine.
  3. Ask Deep Questions- Nothing’s more romantic than connecting on an emotional and intellectual level. Ask each other questions with this Box of Meaningful Conversations. Even if you think you know everything about your partner, these cards will bring up new questions you never thought of asking your partner before.Romantic-Bucket-List-Ideas-questions-for-couples
  4. Rent a Cabin- Go “off the grid” for a weekend by renting a cabin nearby. Make a pact at the beginning to not touch technology for the whole weekend. Quality time is another love language, so spend the weekend with just the two of you and no distractions.Romantic-Bucket-List-Ideas-cabin
  5. De-Stress with a Massage- Sticking with love languages, physical touch is a way you can express love to your partner. Unwind by lighting a massage candle and using the moisturizing oils for a relaxing partner massage. Ours have delicious scents in lemon, strawberry, and tropical for an added sensory experience.Massage oilsRomantic-Bucket-List-Ideas-massage
  6. Take a Dance Class- You can either learn virtually a new dance style or take a class with an instructor. Dance will instantly spark romance back into your relationship.Fun-bucket-list-for-couples-dance-class

Fun Bucket List Ideas

Don’t be afraid to add some goofy and fun ideas to round out your summer bucket list.

  1. Play Paint Twister- Buy a game of twister that you won’t mind getting a bit (a lot) messy. Next, cover each circle on the twister mat with paint. Wear clothes that you won’t mind throwing away after cause this game gets crazy!
  2. Try Couple’s Yoga- You can look up online examples of yoga poses that involve two people. Try the poses out with your partner. Some are pretty strange and require trust in your partner. Build this trust and excitement through completing these poses.
  3. Paint Self-Portraits of Each Other- This doesn’t have to be a serious representation of your partner. Have fun with this and make sure to display with pride the masterpieces you will create.
  4. Draw on the Sidewalk- Remember drawing pictures and games on the pavement with chalk as a kid? Who says you can’t do so as an adult? Connect to your child-like side through this fun summer date.
  5. Play a New Boardgame- Add quality time and fun into your relationship by playing a new boardgame together. Try our Love Battleship game. With exciting activities, you can get to know your partner a bit better and recount the classic battleship game.Love-Battleship-game-for-couples-summer-bucket-list
  6. Bike Around the Town- Rent bikes and ride around together. Stop at any places that grab your attention.Fun-Bucket-List-Ideas-bike
  7. Go to the Pool or Beach- Have fun in the sun together and cool off in the ocean or pool. No matter how old you are, the water will always be exciting, especially for a date. Or maybe even a nudist beach?

Bucket List for Adventures

Step outside of your comfort zone by having more adventurous date ideas. It’s great to try something new with your partner.

  1. Go Camping- Rent a tent and do a night of camping with your partner. This can be at a campsite you’ve never been to if you’ve already gone camping together before. This will definitely be a bonding experience.
  2. Go to an Escape Room- These are super popular at the moment, and we see why. See how well you and your partner work together when trying to find the way out.
  3. Try Something New Together- Find something both of you have never done and try it out together. Try our Box of Burning Desires game for loads of ideas and questions to ask and do with your partner.Fun-bucket-list-for-couples-couples-board-game
  4. Drive Without a Destination- Instead of planning out every step of your date, add some spontaneity in. Drive around without a destination and when you see something interesting, stop and have your date there. Take turns choosing if you go left or right or straight ahead.
  5. Do a Science Experiment. We all had science experiments like growing crystals or building a volcano as a kid. Recreate this by doing a science experiment together. Look up videos of unique science experiments that you can do from home or outside.
  6. Go on a Road Trip- Trips are a great way to experience somewhere new alongside your partner. Pick a destination nearby that neither of you have been to, pack up the car, and go exploring together. Make sure to split up the driving time.
  7. Do an Extreme Sport- Why not try out a crazy sport like bungee jumping or skydiving this summer? Talk about a bonding experience! If you aren’t quite ready for that, take it down a notch with rock climbing or ziplining.Bucket List for Adventures

Enjoy your summer together and keep exploring!


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