The Best Games For Lovers To Play To Keep Passion Alive

As a couple, it’s important to take time out of your busy schedule of work, school, and kids to be alone together. Now, we don’t have to tell you all of the fun things you could get up to with your significant other, but we do know that after a long day, a little encouragement to get you in the right mood doesn't hurt. You need a fun activity that’s new and exciting and makes your anticipation with your partner grow even more.

We created games for lovers because as a married couple with two kids, we know how hard it can be to find the time and energy to spice up your love life. Our games are fun, challenging (but not too challenging; the goal is to encourage lovemaking, not start arguments), and, of course, fun. You can play them from the comfort of your bedroom or even during a romantic trip. The best part is our games may even lead you to other, more exciting activities with your partner later.

Road Trip Games

Are you and your significant other planning a road trip for a honeymoon, anniversary, or just for funsies? If so, these “on the road” games for couples will make the journey and your “weekend getaway” even more fun.

On the road

The Box of Meaningful Conversations

Communication is the bedrock of a healthy relationship, but it’s also an area where a lot of us struggle. The Box of Meaningful Conversations is a fun game that will get you and your partner talking again. The question cards in the Box of Meaningful Conversations will spark conversations both light and deep, humorous and thoughtful across four different categories:

  • Personality & Self Awareness;
  • Love;
  • Values & Beliefs;
  • Past, Future, and Fun.

In addition to the question cards, we included a Goal Setting Checklist in case you need to write anything down, like the areas in your relationship you want to work on or activities you want to try together sometime in the future.

Lastly, the Box contains 4 Capture the Moment cards. You find the one that best describes your relationship “in the moment” and snap a picture of the card. Then you can save it and refer to it whenever you need inspiration or want to remember the good time you had playing this game

Getaway date night games for couples

Romantic Matching Game “Memory Game”

The Romantic Matching Game “Memory Game” is a simple but spicy activity to do with your partner on your weekend get-away. 

Here’s how it works: the game includes 36 cards. Each card has either a pink or a blue label to represent each partner and the phrase “Use Now” printed next to it. The cards feature erotic, fantasy-inducing imagery that will get set your senses on fire. Make a match and perform the action that the images on the matching cards portray. The beauty is that you never know what matches you’ll get to make every time you play. So each time you play is a new, exciting experience. Most importantly, though, this memory game for lovers is a ridiculously fun and easy way to shut off your brain and increase physical pleasure for both you and your partner.

This is a great game for travel since all the cards pack neatly into a small box.

Box of Burning Desires Game

Looking for a way to turn the heat up in your relationship? Try our Box of Burning Desires game. This game comes with:

  • 2 blindfolds,
  • 1 die,
  • and cards that feature a total of 170 intimate and spicy questions.
  • There are also 50 cards with ideas for different fun activites to inspire you and your partner,
  • and 50 “pleasure cards” with beautiful watercolor illustrations of naughty things that you and your lover may want to try.
  • 36 fun and spicy scenarious for couples

 It’s also ideal for couples who are feeling shy or still trying to get to know one another. The questions and ideas in this game will fulfill all your burning desires.

The Box of Burning Desires game for couples

Love Battleship

Reading the title of this game, you may be wondering if it’s anything like the real Battleship game you used to play when you were a kid. The answer is: yes! Love Battleship comes with 16 grid sheets that you can use to mark when you get a “hit” on one of your partner’s “ships.” 50 game cards featuring lots of fun, pleasurable ideas ranging from innocent to naughty to give you and your partner some inspiration. We even threw in a blindfold because blindfolds heighten your other senses and increase anticipation. Everything tucks into a small box, so it’s easy to take with you on your weekend get-away :) 


Love Battleship game for lovers

Printable Date Night Games

If you’re just too eager to wait for a box game to come in the mail, or if you decide you need an extra dash of spice in your fun and spicy time at the last minute, you can download one or more of our printable date night games.

Printable Love Battleship Game

 As long as you have a printer, some scissors, and glue, you can have your very own Love Battleship game right away with this printable version. The PDF you’re purchasing includes the grids and the cards from the original game.


This printable version of Love Battleship is also a convenient source of refills for grids and cards should any of yours from the original game get lost or damaged. We know you don’t want the fun and passion of playing this game to end just because you ran out of grids!

Romantic Fantasies Game PDF

Romantic Fantasies is a printable game that helps you explore scenarios with your partner that you’ve only dreamed about. Maybe you’ve been too scared to try some of these scenarios, or maybe you get tongue tied and don’t know what to say. The 24 cards in this game feature lots of different fantasies across three different categories: romantic, naughty, and kinky. Choose the ones that interest you the most and follow the script for a fun, fun night with your partner that’s full of sensual surprises!




Free Printable Games For Couples

What if you need a quick boost to your relationship, something that is not too complex but cuts straight to the point? We’ve got you covered with our free printable games for couples.

40 Free Printable Love Coupons

Here’s an easy way to strengthen your relationship and do more activities together: love coupons. We offer 40 free ones: 20 romantic love-themed, and 20 naughty love and romantic-themed. Each coupon features an activity that you and your partner can enjoy together. Give one to your significant other when you want to let them know how much you love and appreciate them, or when you want to add a little spark back into your love life.

Free Conversation Starters For Couples

Communication is the key to every relationship, but it’s also hard to do at times. We get busy with our everyday lives, the humdrum of work and school and housework, and forget to take the time to just sit down and talk.

We’re here to rescue you and your partner from awkward, uncomfortable silences or boring evenings spent mindlessly watching tv. Our free Conversation Starters will help you break out of your shell and connect with your lover. We prepared 40 questions in four different categories: relationship history (“What do you remember most about the day we first met?”), short and long-term plans (“What do you see our lives looking like five years from now?”), romantic and deep (“What’s your favorite way I touch you?”), and spicy (“Would you like to watch me play with myself?”). With your respective answers, you and your partner will reconnect and discover new layers to both each other and your relationship.

Along the way, you might also get in the mood to reconnect in the bedroom, as well.Conversation starters

It’s About The Players, Not The Game

When you’re playing any one of the above fun games for couples and lovers, just remember that it’s not about the game: it’s about you and your significant other. It’s about building up your relationship and learning more about one another and what each of you like. Not just in the bedroom, but in life in general. Be open, be honest, and foster a deep sense of love and trust in your partners.

Our games will always be here to help you along the way.


To keep the passion alive

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