20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples – at Home, Outside, and Fun

It looks like we are going to continue to spend more time at home. The pandemic is nowhere near over, and another set of lockdowns is just upon us. So, there is nothing to do but to stay at home and try to make the best out of it.

Many have found this time challenging in terms of socializing and finding true love, and some have become closer to their partners. While we wait for everything to get back to normal, there is no need for the love life and romance to suffer.

For all those of you couples who needed a boost of inspiration and some ideas on how to quarantine together and keep it interesting, here are 20 ideas that you can practice together. They will keep the flame alive, make the time spent together more productive, and make your love stronger.

Quarantine Date Ideas at Home

1. Meaningful Questions Date Night

There is no better way to start the date night marathon than with The Box of Meaningful Questions. It is a game that is specially designed for couples and contains 130 question cards. These cards are filled with amusing, tender, and thought-provoking questions that should be answered between you and your partner. By finishing this game, you will feel closer than ever before. The game was made in collaboration with a couple’s therapist.

2. Sensual Massage

Sparking intimacy is easy when you have this unique Kissable Massage Candles ritual set. Relaxing as a pair or celebrating an anniversary will be completely unforgettable when you light these candles and enjoy the candles’ mesmerizing, calming, and soothing vibe. The set also comes with a blindfold, which will additionally spark your sensuality. We could even call the massage candle ‘Candle with Benefits’ – instead of melting down into wax, it becomes a warm oil. 

3. Bubble Bath

When we say bubble bath, we mean a couple’s bubble bath. Relax into the warm, scented, and bubbly water alongside your partner. The water relaxes and heals the senses and allows you to be closer and more intimate with your partner. It is an excellent option for at-home date night!20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home

4. Cook a Fancy Meal

Cooking is also one of the activities that many couples do together. Choosing some fancy meal followed by a romantic dinner night is a perfect king of at-home dates. For those who are willing to add some creativity, one great idea is to do a cooking challenging contest.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Fancy meal

5. Make a Memory Collage

Making a memory collage is an excellent way to remind yourself of some of your best moments as a couple. It is an exciting date night choice, especially if you can make a timeline or chronologically align the photographs. With that, you will see best how your relationship has evolved.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Memory Collage

6. Yoga Date

Working out together is always better than working out alone. Yoga, for one, is one of the activities that you can enjoy doing together with your partner. Not only is it a very beneficial sport, but it also will deepen your connection. Find some couples yoga tutorials online and do something different.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Yoga date

7. Romantic Game Date Night

Game nights are always fun and stimulating if you have the right person by your side. The best choice for couples interested in romance and who want to add some gaming challenge is Love Battleship and Matching Game. These games will most definitely boost the confidence in both of you, stimulate you to explore something new or maybe forgotten, and above all, enjoy a good time.

8. Meditation

Believe it or not, many couples find it very calming, stimulating and prosperous to meditate. The meditation is immensely healing and beneficial to mental health, allowing you to easily connect to some lost parts of your relationship and become more intimate and self-aware. By doing certain meditation elements together, you and your partner will reconnect on a whole new level.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Meditation

9. Create a Couples Bucket List

Bucket lists are always fun and fascinating. They are something to look for, to strive for, to search and pursue. The bucket lists could contain different things, from activities to material pieces. Creating a bucket list with your partner will make your future more defined and have something interesting to look forward to. Split it into two sections: this year’s plans and long-term plans. For example, if you love traveling for this year’s itinerary, find someplace that you have always wanted to go and book it with free cancellation. You never know. The lockdown might be done overnight. For the long-term plans, decide whether you will move in together, buy a car together, or something that will make your relationship more definitive.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Bucket List

10. Do Some Personality Tests

Doing personality tests is genuinely a fun activity because you might discover new things about yourself and your partner. There are many templates online. Fill them out, and then discuss them together. You might be surprised by some answers. Some examples: 

 - 5 love languages test 

 - 16 personalities test

20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples at Home Personality Test

Quarantine Date Ideas Outside

11. Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the most special practices that couples complete. Traveling from one place to another, seeing nature, enjoying the beauty of some city, and just spending time together is an excellent refresher that will clear your mind and make the love relationship stronger.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Outside - Road Trip

12. Relive Your First Date or Your Wedding Day

This activity is quite an exciting date idea that will most certainly bring some smiles to your faces. Talk about your first date, how you met, whom you looked like back then, and what was the initial impression for both of you as persons. No matter how long ago it was, it will bring up some pleasant memories and remind you of the old days. As for your wedding day, it has undoubtedly been filled with lots of laughter and positivity, so get back to it by looking at your wedding photos and commenting on them.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Outside First Date

13. Volunteer Together

Become a dream team that achieves the best results together. Volunteering at a local environmental organization or a shelter, and doing a bit of good work, will most definitely fulfill you both as persons, especially knowing that your help has contributed where needed.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Outside Volunteer together

14. Go Bungee Jumping

For couples who love the adrenaline rush and extreme sports, bungee jumping is one of the things that will elevate your adrenaline levels and make the blood rush to your head. Sign up for a couple’s bungee jump and build even stronger confidence while jumping together.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Outside Bungee Jumping

Fun Date Ideas During a Quarantine

15. Karaoke

Karaoke is always an entertaining and hilarious activity, which will guarantee a good date-time. Besides, you do not need much to do it. Just connect your microphone to the stereo or the computer, and you can start your performance. To make things funnier, prepare a choreography that you can remember to spice up your show.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Fun - Karaoke

16. Blind Tasting

Having a blindfold over your eyes, and being deprived of that sense, triggers the others to be enhanced. So, one fun activity to do is have some blindfold tasting. Whether you will choose different drinks or different foods, it does not matter, as long as you are having fun and enjoying it. Each of you has only one shot at it, and if you lose it—well, we will leave that up to you!20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Fun - Blind Testing

17. Wine and Paint

For the artistic souls or for those who at least enjoy painting a bit, this is an excellent date idea—just like out of the movies. Find some big blank canvas and stock up on some brushes and watercolors. The theme for your painting can be something of your choosing, where both of you will equally contribute to the final result. Everything will go much smoother and engaging if you add a bit of wine to the process. It will turn out to be a very romantic and fun date, and who knows, you might even end up painting something pretty great.20 Fun Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples - Wine and Painting

18. Play a Drinking Game

Drinking games are entertaining if you have a positive attitude and are open to the entire approach. So, set up some challenge, or set of questions such as true or false, that will be connected to you. For each wrong answer, you get to drink. For each correct response, your partner drinks.

19. Have a Stereotypical Girl’s Night

Most of the time, guys do not understand what makes girl’s nights so interesting. So, prepare one for your partner. Bake some cookies, pour some wine, set up a romantic comedy, and enjoy time together.20 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Stereotypical Girls Night Out

20. Have a Stereotypical Men’s Night

Show your girlfriend or wife what guys do together. She can expect some sports, but you can also surprise her with some exciting food or a game that she never knew existed.20 Fun Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples Stereotypical Men's Night Out

With these 20 quarantine date ideas, you and your partner will have more time and fun together than you ever imagined. So, don’t wait—start this evening and enjoy your date night!


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