10 Best Card Games For Couples

Card games for couples are always a fun idea for a date night, but they become even more appealing as the spring is approaching - at least for those who live in areas that experience cold weather. Of course, for many couples, the go-to coping strategy during the cold months is hibernation (also known as movies and cuddles). And it’s all cute and lovely…until you feel like the time together with your significant other has morphed into an overly predictable loop of sweaters and pizza. But it certainly doesn’t have to. These long evenings are the prime time for sultry explorations of one another, and you don’t even have to break a sweat trying to come up with creative plans yourself. We’ve selected an array of card games for couples to provide some steamy entertainment for your date nights, so rest assured: that sweater will be coming off when all cards are on the table (pun intended!).

Here are our picks for the 10 most fun card games for couples to play that are available right now. From intriguing conversations to daring competition, you can find the best match for the stage and the nature of your relationship, as well as the occasion.

Love Battleship Card Game for Couples

Not much is needed for that sweet thrill of discovery while all is still new but rediscovering one another after a longer run together might just need exactly this: a great classic with a fun twist. The familiar and easy guessing game is supplemented with romantic elements as rewards in the form of fun foreplay ideas. All within good taste though, so this card game will be perfectly suitable for couples who might be fearing a fiasco from overcomplicated game rules or offensively kinky themes. None of that, just pure fun!

OpenMity Romantic Card Idea for Couples


A conversation starter game is a useful and wonderfully simple tool to bring you to a closer understanding of one another. This card game for couples with 100 love life-related questions will stimulate playful exchanges for quality time together.

Couples Conversation Game - Our Moments

The WeDo Game Couples Edition

If you’re looking for inspiration rather than fixed instructions, this deck of 25 date ideas will be a great help, injecting refreshing variety as needed.

The WeDo Date Ideas Game for Couples

Couples TableTopics

Another conversation-starter game that can lead to some priceless discoveries in your relationship and plenty of deep-bonding moments. Plus, some questions are quite certain to require, well, some empirical studies, too (for example, “What makes sex great versus good?”).

Couples Conversation Game by TableTopics

Drunk in Love

OK, deep conversations are fantastic and necessary, but there are times when all you need is to go full-on silly and fool around. Well, then, if a naughty drinking game for two doesn’t do the trick, nothing will!  

Drunk In Love Drinking Game for Couples

Realizations Card Deck

Discoveries mean entering territories you haven’t dared or thought to go to before. When it comes to delving into intimate details, there sure are many deeply insightful conversations to open up with the help of this two-player card game for couples. It will be an especially fitting choice for long-term couples.

Dear Young Married Couple Realizations Card Deck

The Ultimate Game for Couples

Offering two game modes, either one-on-one or group, this game is perfect for those looking for a simple and fun card game to be played with other couples. You’ll be competing by doing silly challenges and testing your knowledge of your partner.

The Best Ultimate Game Gift Idea for Couples

Love and Relationships After Dark

Depending on how open they (and you!) are to exchanging views on love and sex, this conversation-inducing card game can also be played with friends and even family members. You’ll be asking each other provocative questions and sharing opinions about curious statements (think “You can tell a man's bedroom skills by the way he moves on the dance floor”), so whether to play it with anybody besides your S.O. is at your own discretion!

Love and Relationship After Dark Game for Best Couples


With this 3-in-1 two-player board game for couples, you are in for lots of laughs and fun dates, as well as some healthy competition in doing a puzzle. Can’t help but love the cute execution, too, with scratch cards, a special playlist and whatnot.

Romantic Dateopolis Date Night Card Game for Couples

Talk Flirt Dare

A funny, three-level card game for couples, sort of truth or dare, but with a lot of romantic fun and challenges. It’s sweet, it’s flirty, it’s steamy – what’s not to like?

Talk Flirt Dare Romantic Game for Couples

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