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Liberating Lemon Massage Candle

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A sensual massage candle with liberating lemon flavor.

This kissable massage candle contains a natural lemon essential oil that can help you boost your mood and reduce stress (according to PubMed study). We constantly monitor the status and battery of our cellphones, but what about ours? Are we charging our batteries and taking care of our energy? Relaxation with your loving partner is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries.

This is not your average massage candle. This set of massage candles contains:

  • Massage candle inside the creamer for easy pouring
  • Wooden pad – for more convenient usage (so that the liquid does spill anywhere)
  • 3 tips and tricks inside the massage candle box to make your massage extra special and hot

IMPORTANT! Massage candles are not lubricants and cannot be used as lubricants. Do not put them inside your body.   

Make your date night even more romantic and special!

Clear your mind, relax and most importantly enjoy some quality time together!

Who we are - OpenMity couple

Hello, it’s me (Aggie) and my husband (Charles), and yes, we are kind of regular couple with two small kids. We are for Loving couples who want to learn and grow together while keeping their passion alive! We want every couples’ bonds to become stronger, so that every topic is OPEN for couples to discuss and NOT to be ashamed any way. Not only does this create learning opportunities, but it promotes a feeling of mutual trust.

Our story
Massage candle romantic

Tips for hot sensual massage

We could even call the massage candle ‘Candle with Benefits’ – instead of melting down into wax, it becomes oil. This oil will hydrate and condition your skin, whilst making your home smell gorgeous and put you both in a romantic mood. The inside of the box is full of tips and tricks on how to make a massage even more sensual.

Massage Ritual Set
Liberating Lemon Massage Candle

Liberating Lemon Massage Candle


Customer Reviews

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I definitely recommend
Smells amazing and works even better!
I love everything about them.
Nice candle and great tasting massage oil when melted
Love it