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Anniversary box for couples

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The steamy anniversary box for passionate couples includes:

  • Love Battleship game - romantic game to keep the passion alive
  • Love Card with scratch-off gifts
  • Blindfold - Because being blindfolded highlights all the other senses. The sensations you feel, tastes you encounter, and scents you smell all become much more intense. Enjoy!
  • Feather tickler for teasing and tickling
  • Little ‘I love you’ message with love quote
Probably the best way to say, “Happy Anniversary, my love”

Probably the best way to say, “Happy Anniversary, my love”

The steamy anniversary box for passionate couples includes the Love Battleship card game, a blindfold, feather and a naughty “I love you” card.
Anniversary quote inside the box

Anniversary quote inside the box

  • On one side: Another year together - another 365 days of discovering you!
  • On another side: You’re my best friend, my greatest supporter, my biggest challenge, and my always forever. #happyanniversary

Make your date night even more romantic and special!

Clear your mind, relax and most importantly enjoy some quality time together!

Who we are - OpenMity couple

Hello, it’s me (Aggie) and my husband (Charles), and yes, we are kind of regular couple with two small kids. We are for Loving couples who want to learn and grow together while keeping their passion alive! We want every couples’ bonds to become stronger, so that every topic is OPEN for couples to discuss and NOT to be ashamed any way. Not only does this create learning opportunities, but it promotes a feeling of mutual trust.

Our story

Kissable massage candle - gift touches

We could even call the massage candle ‘Candle with Benefits’ – instead of melting down into wax, it becomes oil. This oil will hydrate and condition your skin, whilst making your home smell gorgeous and put you both in a romantic mood. The inside of the box is full of tips and tricks on how to make a massage even more sensual.

Massage oil candle

Anniversary box for couples


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jennifer Church
Great anniversary gift!!

Great anniversary gift!! Fun game

Wathena Swinehart


Fast shipping

Fast shipping and is exactly as described

Elizabeth Morris
Seller shipped promptly

Seller shipped promptly and the box was really fun =). There are some unique things here that make it a really approachable way to explore date night! We are continuing to use it occasionally even months later!

Nick Masotto
Customer service

Customer service was on point. They helped me out in shipping it so that it would arrive on our anniversary day. The game is so much fun.