Free conversation starters for couples PDF cards

Have some quality time together and enjoy or start some interesting conversation questions for couples. These are meaningful questions that we sometimes forget to talk about during our busy lives. I have put together 40 conversation questions for couples split into four different topics:

10 conversation starters about our history, some examples:

  • What’s your favorite vacation of the ones we’ve taken together?
  • What do you remember most about the day we first met?
  • What do you think is your biggest strength in our relationship?Free conversation starters for couples

10 conversation starters for couples about our short and long-term plans, some examples:

  • Do you have any dreams or things that you want to accomplish that you’ve put on the back burner? How can we bring them to life?
  • What do you see our lives looking like five years from now?
  • What are the three things on your bucket list?Conversation starters free OpenMity

10 romantic and deep conversation starters for couples, some examples:

  • What’s your favorite way I touch you?
  • When have you felt the most loved by me?
  • What’s the most sensitive part of your body?

10 spicy conversation starters for couples, some examples:

  • Would you like to watch me play with myself?
  • Would you like to go skinny dipping (swimming naked) with friends?
  • Would you like to try (or do I like) facesitting?

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Questions for couples free pdf

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