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Absolutely great game

The perfect game to re-connect with my husband on a romantic night. Easy to play and fun! Great ideas that I would not have thought of myself. Will definitely be trying some other games from OpenMity. Excellent customer service as well.

Locked up 🔐

Great decorative “toy box” with a lock on to stop those prying eyes.

Game for Female Couples

If we actually played it …

My wife was more interested in discussing the questions…and checking out the intimate activities then playing the game. Bottom line is it’s a great way to discuss what we have never been discussed and getting some suggestions for ideas and positions never tried…a very good purchase.


This is nice and all for either real young newlyweds or young people dating. But for people already married I was sadly disappointed in this. I'm 48

Really fun

Loved it. 26 years of happy marriage made better

Have not received package yet.

Love The game

We absolutely love the game and it was great to be abke to printvand play while waiting one our other orders to arrive. Really added a new level to our sex life and helped bring some spark back to a 15 year relationship. We dont use the printed game to play on, we used a app battleship game and the old school battleship game with extra pieces to get the extra foreplay cards 😉

Very creative

Very creative ideas. Great game to come up with!

Definitely a night to remember.

Such a cute packaging and I love the way the cards feel. Lol. This was definitely a night to remember.


You sent me this request for a review and I have not received my order in time for the birthday. I am very upset.

I can gladly recommend the game.

A very fast shipping. The saleswoman is very nice. The gift was well received. I can gladly recommend the game.

Great purchase!

Great purchase! Would highly recommend!

Great quality product

Great quality product, shipping was quick, and it is definitely a fun game!


Fun ideas

Such a fun game!

Such a fun game! Nicely packaged, fast shipping and a reasonable price. Will be back for more from this shop.

This game is a must!

Received my Battleship Game for Couples and am anxious to play with my husband! Came within 3 days of ordering and wrapped very elegant. We only peeked at 1 foreplay card and one intimacy card and can't wait to play! This game is a must! Forgot to mention, seller threw in a free gift! Size of box is charming and most certainly portable (around 6" x 5" x 2")

Lots of Fun Ideas

So we haven’t actually played the game yet, but we were impatient and read through the cards for some ideas. There’s some fun and creative stuff here. If you like to experiment with new, exciting things, this is definitely worth the money, even just for the cards. Maybe someday we’ll actually play the game like you’re supposed to…

Box of Burning Desires
Siyana Yordanova

Box of Burning Desires

Great tips to rekindle the relationship

Great tips to rekindle the relationship. My husband whom I have been with for past eight years constantly complain that we have not been paying enough attention to our relationship, especially now we have a little one in between. This really provides some good tips, for date nights, etc. It is fun therapeutic but yet don't make us feel like we are in therapy. I recommend it!

Not bad.. love you can download the game

I liked the fact I could download. I wish there were dirtier/naughtier cards, but made some of our own. A whole page of blanks would be more helpful for that.

Great quality products

She went above and beyond to make my order get to me quickly even when there were shipping issues! Great customer service and great quality products.

Love Battleship couples card game

Once again excellent quality

Once again excellent quality great coms, delivered on time will always do business they provide exceptionally exciting games. Played this game a few times now and we still have not managed to make it to the end we love it.