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Great game, lots of anticipation. Loved it!

really good

really good, the scents are very nice and the oil is a good consistency so you don't have to use a lot at once! The box got a little soggy though, not sure if the bottles leaked in there but it wasn't too bad at all. The creator was very accommodating, and package arrived within window. Also, loved the little cards/instructions that came with!!

Amazing product

Amazing product can�t wait to try it out

Very attentive service

Very attentive service and the massage oils are the amazing. The passion fruit one smells so delightful it�s definitely become our favorite

Absolutely great game

The perfect game to re-connect with my husband on a romantic night. Easy to play and fun! Great ideas that I would not have thought of myself. Will definitely be trying some other games from OpenMity. Excellent customer service as well.

He loved this

He loved this, and so did I.

amazing and work excellent

these smell amazing and work excellent

Oils have a very nice scent.

Oils have a very nice scent. When my partner got this gift, the first thing my partner did was put the paper under the lamp to see what is under the scratch off labels. I am glad nothing was eligible to read :)

put together perfectly

Great product and put together perfectly!

Such a sexy

Such a sexy and fun gift. Shipped super fast!

Package came earlier

Package came earlier than expected.

Really great product!

Really great product!!! Includes 2 body oils and one scratch off massage game as well as a pamphlet about love languages and stuff. I�d definitely recommend this, the only reason this isn�t a 5 star review is because the oils leaked in the package :// they�re still basically full but there was some leakage that caused some of the packaging to soften.

great customer service

Aggie reached out right away to let me know that the item was on the way. It arrived quickly and was as described. I would recommend, great customer service.

Locked up 🔐

Great decorative “toy box” with a lock on to stop those prying eyes.

Super fast shipping!

Super fast shipping! Great communication and fantastic product. Highly recommend!

Very fast shippin

Very fast shipping and customer service was amazing!

excellent oil

Very fragrant an excellent oil! No pellets or lumps

Game for Female Couples

If we actually played it …

My wife was more interested in discussing the questions…and checking out the intimate activities then playing the game. Bottom line is it’s a great way to discuss what we have never been discussed and getting some suggestions for ideas and positions never tried…a very good purchase.


This is nice and all for either real young newlyweds or young people dating. But for people already married I was sadly disappointed in this. I'm 48

Great for a date night

Great for a date night with my husband!

Really fun

Loved it. 26 years of happy marriage made better

Have not received package yet.

Love The game

We absolutely love the game and it was great to be abke to printvand play while waiting one our other orders to arrive. Really added a new level to our sex life and helped bring some spark back to a 15 year relationship. We dont use the printed game to play on, we used a app battleship game and the old school battleship game with extra pieces to get the extra foreplay cards 😉

Very creative

Very creative ideas. Great game to come up with!